How To: Style a Sideboard

How To: Style a Sideboard

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If you find that your space is too cluttered, it may be time to introduce some extra storage into your home. Spacious and stylish, sideboards are the perfect addition to any room.

Traditionally, sideboards were used to store dishware in the dining room or the kitchen, but homeowners know that their utility can extend far beyond their original purpose. Depending on your needs, they can host board games and plaids in the living room, extra bedding in the guest room, or other stray miscellaneous objects anywhere you need. They can keep any space organised while hiding unsightly bits and pieces away from prying eyes, so your home feels uncluttered and comfortable.

However, a sideboard provides more than hidden storage. The extra countertop can also be a welcome addition or, for some, a styling headache. How do you stop your new sideboard from becoming a messy catch-all? Here are some styling ideas to take advantage of the full potential of your new sideboard.


Decide On a Function

If you want to style your sideboard, your first step should be to decide on a function. It is the best way to avoid leaving your sideboard’s destiny in the hands of the fates (or, more precisely, your household’s bad habits.) Keeping things organised and stylish will be easier if you have a purpose in mind when introducing this new piece of furniture.

The location of your new sideboard will probably dictate its primary role. However, if it is in an area where tiny bits and pieces tend to accumulate – for example, an entrance or a bedroom – it is a good idea to set it up to keep them contained. For example, a pretty dish or basket can be the perfect place for keys, jewellery, or small electronics.


Keep It Practical

Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media are endless sources of inspiration for pretty displays and seasonal vignettes to decorate your sideboard. However, even the most stylish set-ups will soon look messy if it does not work for your lifestyle.

If your sideboard includes some open shelves, such as our Sorrento sideboard or our Muzi sideboard, and you have younger children, make sure that the items you are putting on display are child-proof to avoid accidents!


Match Your Accessories to the Sideboard Style

Your sideboard should match the overall style of your room, so your interior remains elegant. You should also keep this rule in mind when styling your sideboard’s countertop. For example, the classical style of the Coco sideboard is a natural match for traditional set-ups, such as coffee books or vases filled with fresh-cut flowers. Meanwhile, the minimalist style of the Adeline sideboard is a great fit for streamlined décor. If your sideboard is a design statement in itself – for example, the elegant ribbed pattern of the Tate sideboard – it may be best to keep your displays on the simpler side.


Make It Useful

The extra surface brought in by your sideboard is an amazing opportunity to solve some of the pain points you may have identified in your interior. For example, if your room is too dark, you can use it to put a lamp on it. Soft pools of low light throughout the room can make your home appear more comfortable and cozier than harsher overhead lighting. It can also help your sideboard’s detail look more dramatic, such as the elegant arches of our Arch sideboard or the dramatic slated sliding doors of our Ethan sideboard.

Sideboards are also wonderful when entertaining since they can be the perfect support for a buffet, bar, or coffee station in the living room or dining room so the hosts can mingle with their guests.


Don’t Forget About Wall Décor

While styling your sideboard display is important, do not forget the space above it. It is an excellent way to tie a room together instead of making your new furniture feel like an afterthought. Since most sideboards are rather imposing, they can leave a large empty space above. You can use it to display a large piece of art or a mirror to help your room feel bigger. You can also create a little gallery of some of your favourite art pieces or pictures of your loved ones.

If hanging something on the wall is not an option – if you are renting your home, for example – then you can create a display using a tall element such as a candelabra or a large potted plant (fake is less messy and a great alternative for those not blessed with a green thumb.) You can also put some of your favourite art pieces on the sideboard to get the same effect without damaging the walls.


Keep a Focus Point

When it comes to styling a sideboard, as well as any display, the best route is to keep it intentional and interesting. Find treasured objects that “fit” together according to a colour scheme or common theme to create a display. Playing a height, textures, and shape can also create a feeling of balance and harmony.

Some sideboards, such as the Pam sideboard, can offer a blank canvas thanks to its warm and classic wood tones. Meanwhile, others, like the rattan details of our Kona sideboard, already create a point of interest you will need to keep in mind when creating a display. Remember that, sometimes, removing a piece can help other elements stand out more as well.