Can Your Mattress Cause Back Pain?

Can Your Mattress Cause Back Pain?

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Does this sound familiar: You wake up after a peaceful slumber, do a few stretches to get the day going, but still feel stiffness all day long. Or maybe you toss and turn, never finding the perfect position for a good night’s sleep? Your back is in shambles, your hips scream at you each time you move, and let’s not talk about your neck. You could blame getting older, but there may be another culprit: your mattress.

You spend roughly a third of your life sleeping – or, in some cases, attempting to do so. That is a long time to put up with an uncomfortable mattress. Quick fixes, like changing your office seating, getting a standing desk, stretching or getting massages, can help in the short term. But if you’re looking for a solution to help in the long run, it may be time to turn your eyes to the bedroom and check your mattress. Ask yourself the following questions to see if your mattress may cause your back pain.

How old is my mattress?

Mattresses represent a significant expense and a purchase, and one we tend to postpone as long as possible. After all, mattresses are easy to keep out of sight and mind, and it is easy to find reasons to put up with an ageing one a little longer. Unfortunately, it is also our downfall.

Our mattresses come with a 20-year warranty because we stand by our products. However, mattresses should be replaced every six to eight years if you sleep on them every night. You may get away with more extended replacement periods for mattresses used occasionally, such as in holiday homes or guest rooms. So, if you have been sleeping on yours since your first apartment or university years, it may be time to look for a replacement.

Mattresses tend to sag in the area where you sleep night after night. If you can tell exactly where you – or your partner – lie at night, look at some of our options, such as the Deep Dream Essential Mattress or upgrade to the Deep Dream Premium Mattress.


Is my mattress the right comfort level for me?

Do you enjoy plush and soft mattresses, such as our Deep Dream Plush Mattress? Or do you prefer firm and supportive mattresses, like our Deep Dream Super Firm Mattress? If you are curious about how your mattress can affect your sleep quality, we recommend checking out our Ultimate Guide to Mattress Firmness.

Both mattresses that are too soft or too firm can cause back soreness. If you find yourself regularly confronted with this issue, we recommend a mattress with a firmness level between a five and a 7 – a happy medium trending toward the more supportive side, such as our Deep Dream Green Tea Mattress.


Is your mattress good quality?

Bad mattresses, like bad shoes, can cause a lot of pain. Sure, they may be cheap and look good on paper, but if you always end up bare feet at the end of the night (or making your way to the couch if you can’t find a good sleeping position), it may be time to reconsider your shopping habits.

Our Deep Dream mattresses are conceived with all high-quality hypoallergenic materials and zero harmful chemicals. We believe in our products and are proud to offer a twenty-year warranty – an industry first! So make bad nights and back pain a distant memory by upgrading your mattress without any second thoughts. Still not convinced? BedBuyer’s review speaks for itself…