Cambodia Overall Project Achievements

Cambodia Overall Project Achievements

Building homes helped families isolate and protect themselves from COVID-19. Habitat built low-cost, durable, strong, and climate-resilient homes, to protect from disasters such as storms, wind, and floods that occur increasingly year-on-year.

  • Built 8 new houses
  • Repaired 20 homes with upgrades and connected water and electricity
  • Build 34 toilets built
  • Trained 74 people in hygiene and sanitation
  • Distribution of 79 water filters to health centres, community halls, and schools to help the wider community and the 8 new homes
  • 32 families in training about house maintenance and financial literacy. Additional education on the awareness of essential gender-and-security prevention against gender-based violence.
  • Released 31 business grants for families to start their businesses.
  • Renovated 2 schools, benefiting 1507 school children

Yin's Story

This extended family of six members with five children was living in poor and challenging conditions. Yin is the woman who heads the family, and she plays a role of both traditional parents. The adult members of the family work very hard. However, their income is unstable, as they work only when the job is available to them (they sell the labor for daily earning). They could not save enough money to build a house, because they spent most of their income to cover basic expenses. Yin was selected as one of the beneficiaries of a new home. She said, “When it rains, the children always cry. They could not sleep because the roof was leaking.”

"All my children can sleep well every night."

Yin said, "Having a decent place to live makes me very happy. I am very glad that Habitat has built a new house for our family. More than just a home, they provided other training like house maintenance, hygiene promotion, and families work plan. I feel very excited to have received a new house that makes me and my family comfortable. All my children can sleep well every night. I can get a water filter from the project, which we can use to purify clean water for drinking. It makes me feel refreshed and not much thinking. After I attended the training, I practiced daily hygiene promotion and knew how to separate garbage. I can save up some money to support my family. I received fund support from Habitat to set up farming to improve livelihood, so now I have just started to grow vegetables such as pumpkin, long bean, cucumber, morning glory, corn, and other plants around the house. Farming is necessary for my family because we can't pay to buy some vegetables from others and earn more with improved nutrition for our family."