Shop furniture in AR

Unleash your creativity and design your spaces from the comfort of home.

How does it work?

Step 1 Select

Select the ‘View in home’ button under the product image on mobile.

Step 2 View

Click the ‘AR’ button in the menu to start the View In Your Home experience.

Step 3 Scan

Use your mobile’s camera to scan the entire room, capturing floors and ceilings too.

Step 4 Rotate

Rotate your favourite furniture on your screen to see how it looks and fits.

Step 5 Share

Share your finished look with friends and family in a couple of clicks.


Add your favourite furniture to cart, check out and enjoy free and fast delivery to most metro areas!

Step 1


Tap 'View in home' button on your desired product

Step 2


Click the 'AR' button in the menu.

Step 3


Scan your room scale to capture your area.

Step 4


You can now position your furniture in your room.

Capture & Share

Well done! Capture the finished look to share it with your friends and family.

Watch tutorial

Watch tutorial

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icon View in 360

View in 360 icon

Orbit all your furniture favourites with 360 viewing.

Experience the entire shopping journey from the comfort of your couch with 360 functionality. You can assess your favourite furniture from all angles as if you were shopping in real-time.

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Is my device AR ready?

The AR feature is currently available for Apple iPhone 6s or later, as well as a range of Android devices running Android 8.0 or later. AR will only be visible within the Safari browser on Apple devices & the Chrome browser on Android devices. You must also ensure your phone’s AR software is up to date.

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