6 Interior Design Trends You Will See In 2023

6 Interior Design Trends You Will See In 2023

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New year, new you, new home. Infusing your home with some of the trends we are expecting for 2023 may be what you need for a fresh start. Giving your abode a minor update is easy to tackle and will help you adopt a new mindset that may be precisely the momentum you need to dive into any new year's resolutions. So, if your home feels a little tired, here are some ideas for fresh trends we are expecting to take off in 2023. 


Bold Colours

The past decade has been a symphony of white on white and 50 shades of greige. While we love a good minimalist interior, 2023 is seeing a return to bolder colours, especially moodier and dramatic tones. If your all-white walls are starting to feel a little bit bland, this is your sign to embrace your bolder side. Grab a can of paint in your favourite shade to create a statement wall. Rich hues such as jewel tones and darker colours are back in favour, including when it comes to wood tones. If you are renting or are not ready for the commitment, you can bring a touch of this dramatic flair. Use peel-and-stick wallpaper, rich velvet curtains in a moody shade, or an unexpected colour for your furniture like the bold yellow or blue hues of our Nikko sofa bed


Texture Everywhere

While curated maximalism is gaining popularity, some still prefer a more organised lifestyle. If stocking up on knickknacks is not right for you, you can add interest to your space without creating clutter by using texture. Tactile materials like boucle and rattan have been having a moment for the past couple of years and are continuing to grow in popularity in 2023. Turn your minimalist interior into a cosier version of itself by introducing a boucle chair to your living room, like our Phoebe armchair or Cammy swivel chair. Or add a touch of exoticism to your bedroom thanks to the rattan details of our Lana bed frame


Statement Stone

Sometimes, one element can change the entire feel of the room. Although it represents a more significant financial investment, choosing a luxurious material can be a big pay-off style-wise. Bold stones will be huge in 2023. If renovating your kitchen or bathroom is in the plans in 2023, we recommend splurging on show-stopping natural countertops materials like leathered granite or soapstone or bold marble in unusual colours and veining styles. 


Art Deco Curves

Modern industrial right angles everywhere are sunsetting in 2023. After the pandemic, people are leaning more and more toward softer curves, particularly those inspired by retro trends like Art Deco. Curvaceous silhouettes like our Sorrento small display cabinet or the eye-catching details of our Arch collection are a great way to soften your home and update the atmosphere of any room. 


Earthy Inspirations

If the past two years have taught us anything, it is to have a greater appreciation for the great outdoors. 2023 is all about pulling inspiration from the beauty of nature and bringing the outside in, thanks to organic textures, raw materials, and shapes inspired by the environment. And, of course, adding plants wherever possible (whether natural or artificial for those not blessed with a green thumb) is never going out of style. Whether it is a cool piece of driftwood you found on the beach, unfinished cement planters, or unfinished wood furniture like our Coastal Pallet bed frame, 2023 is the year to take a walk on the wilder side. 


Personalised Interiors

Many of us spent more time at home in the past three years than ever before. Our abodes turned into our workplace, entertainment centre and peaceful retreat. People have become more intentional about what they bring in, whether it is going on a grand organising spree or surrounding themselves with meaningful momentos. Homes in 2023 are more about decorating, rather than being on display. This is the time to pull all your favourite objects out of storage. Hang pictures of your loved ones, put your heirlooms in pride of place and make unapologetic style statements.