6 Ways to Make Your Living Room Cosier this Winter

6 Ways to Make Your Living Room Cosier this Winter

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Transforming your living room into a cosy winter haven is essential for warmth and comfort. As the heart of your home, it should not only be welcoming but also reflect your preferred design style.

Although Australia has mild winters, we still need to layer up every time the season rolls around. Especially since 80% of Australian homes don’t meet the World Health Organization's minimum standards for warmth.

While a toasty fireplace may be the ultimate dream, there are alternative ways to achieve a cosy living room this winter. Here are 6 easy and achievable ways to get it done.


Warm Hues and Materials

You can never go wrong with adding warm hues during winter, like our Nikko Sofa Bed in Mustard or Lorraine Armchair in Burnt Orange. While most people think of sheepskin when it comes to cosying up in winter, the opposite end of the spectrum can be just as effective. Timber furnishings, like our Tate or Button TV Unit, can enhance a snug atmosphere and bring elegant texture and deep colour into the space.


Rug Up

Rugging up is not just for you, but for your living room too. Soft rugs not only feel luxurious underfoot, particularly on chilly mornings, but they also provide an additional layer of insulation for your floors. By trapping heat and warding off cold drafts, they become an absolute must-have for combating winter chills.


Add Texture

Texture is key to creating a cosy winter atmosphere in your living room. Our boucle fabric furniture, such as the Phoebe and Jasper Sofa, effortlessly adds a snug and inviting feel to the space. Another timeless option is velvet, as seen in our Buffy Sofa Bed and Lorraine Armchair. Regardless of your existing sofa or armchair, adding cushions and throws is a practical and visually captivating way to enhance depth and comfort during the colder months.


Channel Hygge Comfort

Embrace the Scandinavian concept of 'Hygge'—a celebration of comfort, cosiness, and contentment. Rather than following a specific style, focus on creating an ambiance that resonates with you. Trust your intuition and incorporate elements that bring you a sense of cosy delight. Whether it's lighting your favorite scented candle, curling up with a book on the sofa, or solving a puzzle on the coffee table, find what brings you comfort and embrace it.


Light It Up

As the days become shorter and darker, proper lighting becomes paramount for both practicality and mood enhancement. Well-chosen lighting can contribute to your well-being and create a comforting atmosphere. Pay attention to lighting fixtures that illuminate the space effectively while infusing warmth and cosiness into every corner of your living room.


Cosy Corners

Empty corners present an opportunity to create cosy havens within your living room. With the right lighting and comfort, they can easily be transformed into perfect reading nooks. Imagine a boucle armchair like our Cammy, Lorraine, or Phoebe, paired with our textile Tate Side Table. This dream combination invites you to snuggle up and easily lose yourself in a good book.