Buying Guide: How to Choose a Bed

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Bed

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You can go as fancy – or as minimalist – as you want when it comes to décor, but the centrepiece of your bedroom will always be the bed. Often occupying the most real estate in the room, your bed should be functional and stylish. Since it’s a significant investment, most people hesitate before setting their hearts on the perfect piece. After all, the chances are that your bed will follow you for years – maybe even decades – if you regularly change the mattress to ensure a good night’s sleep.

We have already talked about how to choose the right mattress. Here is how to choose the perfect bed for your bedroom, depending on your style and lifestyle.


What size bed should I choose?

Deciding on the right bed size is the first step when choosing the perfect bed for your bedroom. There is no universal answer. What forms the ideal bed size depends on several factors:

- the size of the bedroom

- the number of people using the bed

- your evolving needs

- your budget


What sizes are available?

Here are the most common bed sizes in Australia and who they may be a better fit for. Keep in mind that, ideally, there should be 75 to 90 cm of clearance on at least two sides of the bed to move comfortably.

Single Bed (92×188 cm)

Perfect for someone sleeping alone, in a smaller space – such as a child or a uni student occupying a small dorm, or even for a bunk bed.

King Single (107×203 cm)

If you sleep alone but need more space than a single bed, king singles are a natural choice. They are an excellent choice for older kids and teenagers, especially if their room is too small to upgrade to a queen.

Double Bed (138×188 cm)

Adults and teenagers sleeping alone will appreciate the spaciousness of a double bed. It is a good choice for dorm rooms, studios, or guest rooms. It can technically accommodate two people who don’t mind sharing their sleeping space. But its narrower, shorter size does not make it comfortable for larger or restless sleepers.

Queen Bed (153×203 cm)

Queen size beds are great for couples or adults who enjoy stretching out when sleeping. There is just enough room to accommodate an occasional night visitor, such as a baby (the human or furry kind.) Their versatility makes it a popular choice for bedrooms and guest rooms with enough space to accommodate a larger bed.

King Bed (183×203 cm)

Do you like having your own space while sleeping? Tired of arguing with your loving (but slobby) Newfoundland about who gets the most room on the mattress? Do your children find their way to your bed in the middle of the night? If you have answered “yes” to any of the previous questions and your room size allows, it may be time to upgrade to a king-size bed – you deserve it! 

Most of our beds are available in double, queen, and king sizes to accommodate your needs and bedroom area.


What type of bed should I choose?

There are two common types of beds to choose from. Depending on your tastes, you can opt for a bed base or a bed frame, which includes the base and a headboard.

A neutral bed base, such as our Cali or Casa, can be a good choice if you forgo the headboard for a minimalist look. Or, you could match it to a unique vintage find or heirloom headboard. You can also choose your bed base according to your needs. For example, we love how our Coastal Pallet allows for extra storage at the bottom of the bed. Our Nook bed base also gives the illusion that your bed is floating, making your space look larger than it is.

Bed frames are an easy solution to style a room, especially if you prefer matching sets with storage furniture. Our Coco bed frame includes storage drawers and fits with the rest of the Coco collection for an elegant, classic look. Meanwhile, the exoticism of the Lana rattan bed frame is the perfect complement to our Kona collection.


What bed style should I choose?

Choosing the perfect bed style is the most fun part of decorating your bedroom, but it can also be the most challenging. Since beds are typically the largest and most prominent feature in the room, it is often a design statement. They are also the most expensive purchase you will make while furnishing a bedroom. It’s an important decision, as you may need to live with your choice for many years – sometimes through many homes.

If you want to make a splash, go for it! However, if you are likely to move or your decorating tastes evolve, stick with more neutral and minimalist designs.

The coastal influence of the Cali bed frame is neutral without being boring. Plus, their organic wooden tones will match any colour scheme. If you prefer upholstered bed heads for extra comfort, the Nook bed frame and the Casa bed frame embrace a minimalist look and warm neutral tones.