Buying Guide: How to Choose a Desk

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Desk

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Whether you work from home occasionally or it is a permanent fixture, finding the right desk for your home office is essential. Although you can make do for a while using a corner of the dining table, having an appropriate work desk will make the long hours a lot more pleasant. But, choosing the perfect work desk is often easier said than done. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself to help you select a desk for your home office.

Where will your work desk go?

One of the most critical elements to consider when choosing your new desk is the layout of your workstation. For example, do you have a dedicated home office? Or will the room you are using serve other purposes? This factor will determine the size and some of the features you will need for your work desk.

If you have room to spread out, you are free to invest in a large executive desk such as our Hudson desk. It's available in a spacious 160cm size, but you can also opt for our popular Amelia desk with it's curve appeal for easier access to office essentials. But often your workstation may need to make itself discreet to leave room for other purposes. If that is your case, we recommend choosing a works desk with extra storage, such as the Cuppa desk or Macro desk. The hidden shelves will make it easier to transform your home office into a cozy space while keeping your work essentials accessible.

How do you use your desk?

The type of work desk that may be best for your space also depends on how you work from home. If you often work remotely and need specific accommodations, your needs will be different from someone who only needs a laptop and headphones for occasional Zoom calls. In most cases, it is best to choose a desk with a scratch-resistant tabletop. Since workstations are often subject to intense use, you want materials that work as hard as you do. Plus they're easier to clean, just in case you spill your much-needed cup of coffee. We use melamine for most of our tabletops since this sturdy material combines the elegant look of wood with easy maintenance.

If possible, try to adopt a minimalist approach to your workspace, especially if you do not have a dedicated room. It will help you keep your thoughts – and your home – more organised. If you only need a laptop and can keep physical files in your out-of-home office, opt for a streamlined work desk. Our Tate Original or Curved desks are excellent choices. They feature a minimal footprint with just enough hidden storage to tuck away your laptop and anything other essentials.

Do you have any issues with back pain when working from home?

Finding a comfortable work desk is not always easy when working from home. Most ergonomic work desks and chairs can be bulky, and their design doesn't leave a lot to be desired. Especially if your home office is part of larger living spaces. If you deal with back pains, a height-adjustable standing desk, such as the Tate height-adjustable desk, is the perfect alternative. With the press of a button, it turns from a seating desk to a standing desk, allowing you to avoid some common ailments affecting office workers. Add in a few stretching sessions throughout the day, a yoga break at lunchtime, and back pains will be a thing of the past. Best of all, its beautiful Japandi-inspired aesthetic will keep your home looking elegant and serene.

What is your home decorating style?

Now that we have function and comfort covered, let us not forget about looks. After all, a beautiful workspace, especially when it is part of your home, can also help your productivity by allowing you to relax and feel more comfortable in your space so you can focus on the task at hand. Just because you work from home does not mean that your workspace needs to be a copy of your cubicle. On the contrary, it should be a space that allows your creative juices to flow, so do not feel bad about choosing the prettiest option for a work desk if it talks to you.

It is particularly important if your home office is visible from the other rooms in the house or if you use the space for other purposes. If possible, choose a work desk that fits your overall aesthetic and will blend effortlessly with the style of the home. For example, our Coria desk perfectly matches any Hampton-inspired, coastal, or rustic interiors while being work-ready.