Care Guide: How to Look After Your Table

Care Guide: How to Look After Your Table

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Tables are often at the centre of our rooms, whether it is the dining type or a coffee table in the living room. However, they sometimes have it rough. Between the excitement of game night and the (sometimes messy) memories you create around a holiday feast, caring for your tables can be easier said than done. If it is one of your concerns, have no fears. Our handy table care guide is here to help you keep your tables looking as good as new for many years.


General Table Maintenance Tips

  • Preventing mishaps can go a long way to protect the beauty and longevity of your table. Whenever possible, use a tablecloth, placemats, or ask your guests to use coasters to add an extra layer of protection between your table and likely messes.

  • It goes without saying, but it is best to use your table only for its primary purpose rather than let kids and pets use it as a climbing device. Avoid heavier loads as well (it is a table, not a chair…)

  • Installing your table correctly is essential to protect its longevity. Make sure that all the legs are stable when setting it up (you may need an extra pair of hands to ensure that every part is appropriately tightened and inserted in the right places.)

  • Direct sunlight may cause your furniture to fade over time, so place your table away from the windows or add a window treatment if needed.

  • Temperature contrasts can also cause permanent damage, so avoid placing your table too close to the heaters or fireplace.

Caring for Veneered Tables

Most of our dining tables and coffee tables are built using wood veneer tabletops. We design our furniture to handle real-life messes and happy families without compromising on aesthetics, so we appreciate how wood veneer is both scratch-resistant and easy to wipe clean in case of spillage. Here are some ideas to help you protect the looks and durability of your veneer table.

  • A regular, gentle clean using two lint-free microfibre cloths – one slightly damp with a mild cleaning solution of water and soap and one dry to remove any humidity – is the best way to maintain your veneer table. Avoid abrasive chemicals, sprays, and polishes that may cause permanent discolourations or silicon-based products that can leave a sticky residue on the surface. Stubborn stains? A diluted, wood-friendly detergent should do the trick.

  • Once or twice a year, give your table some extra love by applying an even, thin layer of good-quality wax polish.

  • Veneer wood’s main enemies are heat and humidity, which can cause warping and stains. Therefore, you should make sure that your table is far enough from radiators and other heat sources. In addition, although wood veneer is not porous, it can still be stained permanently by dark colour liquids like juice or red wine, and hot drinks like tea and coffee may cause the veneer to lift. Therefore, make sure that you always have something close by to wipe off any spillages immediately.

Caring for Metal Tables

Metal-top tables, such as our elegant Taylor dining table, are sturdy and durable, perfect for everyday use. Although they require little maintenance, you will still want to take some precautions to avoid scratches and rust.

  • Avoid using sharp objects around the table, such as pointy knives and scissors, including when unpacking it.

  • You will also want to stay clear of abrasive sponges to clean them up. A soft cloth with diluted soap is usually all you need for regular maintenance, but harsh products and powders that may damage the paint are a no-no. If you notice stubborn stains, you can try your luck with a window-cleaning product containing alcohol.

  • The paint on metal furniture may look good, but it is also essential to protect the metal itself from rust. Therefore, if you notice any patches, take care of them immediately by covering the scratches with a matching touch-up pen or spray paint.

  • Despite all your efforts, you may notice rust on your metal table. Resist the temptation of scratching it off and, instead, cover it with paint before the situation worsens.

Caring for Rattan Tables

Rattan tables, such as our exotic Hex dining table, are refined and exotic. Although rattan is beautiful and durable, it can also be intimidating to take care of. We use faux rattan to get the look of this textural standout without the issues that come with it, like mould. Here are some tips to keep your rattan table looking its best.

  • The main issue with rattan texture is preventing dirt and grime from building up in the nooks and crannies. A weekly scrub with a vacuum upholstery brush will take care of the bulk of it.

  • In addition, a monthly deep clean with some soapy water and a dry lint-free cloth will contribute to keeping the rattan detailing sparkling clean.

  • You will want to clean up any stains (especially sticky and dark-coloured drinks) immediately since they can stain your rattan table and create additional build-ups.