18 Movies to Watch this Galentine’s Day

18 Movies to Watch this Galentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day may get all the attention. But nothing beats a night in with your closest girlfriends after a red roses and stale chocolate overdose. So pull out your favourite rose, bring out all the snacks, and call your ride-or-dies for a cosy evening with your guilty-pleasure movie. Do not forget to include some spa treatments and the latest gossip for a night to remember. 


Do Revenge

Hell has no fury like a teenage girl scorned. To take revenge on her boyfriend after her spicy video is leaked, 'It' girl Drea teams up with the awkward Eleanor. Together, they vow to take down each other’s tormentors before an epic plot twist unravels their plans.


Look Both Ways

Have you ever had a “what if…?” moment? In this modern-day 'Sliding Doors', Look Both Ways explores the parallel lives of young college graduate Natalie. One path follows her surprise pregnancy after a one-night stand. The other explores the hustle of going after her dream job in Los Angeles. Both adventures highlight the joys and challenges of either journey, showing that there are no wrong turns in life.


Along for the Ride

Studious teenager Auden moves to the small town of Colby for the summer. There, she meets mysterious Eli, who makes it his mission to show Auden everything she has been missing on. 


Someone Great

In the wake of a break up with her boyfriend of nine years and moving across the country for her dream job, Jenny decides on a last hurrah in New York City with her two best friends. 



Tired of being exploited by the men in their lives, four strip club employees decide to turn the tables on their powerful clients. 



On the eve of their high school graduation, straight-A students and best friends Amy and Molly decide to have a night to remember. For the first time ever, they're breaking all the rules they have given themselves throughout the years.


How to be Single

After breaking up with her long-time boyfriend, Alice finds herself single in New York City. Thankfully, she can rely on her brazen best friend Robin to make the best of her time as a lonely heart.



This early 2010 classic follows down-on-her-luck Annie as she must navigate her maid-of-honour duties for her best friend Lilian and her unhinged bridal party.


Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Four best friends come of age in this tale of love and friendship, united by their memories and a magical pair of pants.


Mean Girls

New girl Cady is in for a rude awakening when she catches the attention of the ruling queen bee of high school, the all-powerful Regina Spector, and her clique.


A Cinderella Story

In this modern retailing of the classic fairytale, Sam is coping with her wicked stepmother and sisters, but she is not letting it stop her from attending senior prom incognito, where she seduces the high school prince charming with her mysterious ways.


Suddenly 30

Which teenager has never dreamed of speeding up time? But is being grown up all that it is shelled out to be? That is for 13-year-old Jenna to find out when she becomes trapped in her own 30-year-old body.


Legally Blonde

Elle Woods is so close to having it all… Until her long-time boyfriend decides to abruptly break up with her, judging her girly ways as not serious enough for his political ambitions. However, Elle will stop at no obstacle until she can win him back, including getting into ultra-competitive Harvard Law.


Bridget Jones’s Diary

32-year-old Bridget is struggling with her weight, her job, and, more importantly, her love life (or lack thereof.) Enter her dashing boss and the awkward but attractive long-lost family friend. 


Bring It On

When cheerleader Torrance finds out that her cheer routine was stolen from a rival team by her predecessor, she must find a solution at all costs.


The First Wives Club

Three divorced women decide to join forces to take revenge on the men who let them down for younger women.



This retailing of Jane Austen’s classic Emma follows popular teenager Cher as she rules the lives of other high school students, sometimes forgetting about her own.


Thelma and Louise

Pull out the tissues before watching this 90s classic. Best friends Thelma and Louise embark on the road trip of a lifetime, leaving behind their less-than-satisfactory lives, never to return.