Get the Look: Boho Chic

Get the Look: Boho Chic

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Your fashion style stands out in a world of little black dresses and straight cut denim. You have trouble recognising yourself in minimalist interiors that invade your Pinterest feed. Matching everything bores you to tears, and you’re not afraid to make a statement. If unique and unconventional describes you, then look towards boho-chic style.

While other home décor trends are often codified, boho chic is the perfect outlet to unleash your creativity. It reflects their occupants and is often as unique as they are. Featuring a combination of colours, influences, and patterns, it comes together for a cohesive look. Forget about the “less is more” approach: if you like it, it belongs in your home.

Boho chic homes are a casual retreat. Friends and family can come together and create memories, surrounded by beautiful objects that hold a story. It’s the perfect place to showcase travel souvenirs or favourite flea market finds.

Despite this eclectic approach, the style is far from a disorganised mess. It is all about finding the perfect balance. Bright colours, especially jewel tints, have their place. However, they are often temperate by earthy tones, such as shades of white, olive green, cognac, mustard yellow, or rusty oranges. Natural elements, such as hemp, sisal, burlap, crochet, wood, or rattan bring a soothing touch. It’s also what makes our Kona collection and Lana bed frame the perfect pieces to compliment this style.

Here’s how to embrace the boho chic look in your home!


Boho Chic in the Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the most intimate room in your house where only those closest to you are admitted. As a result, it is the perfect place to display your most sentimental items. Mismatched frames will showcase your favourite photos in style. Meanwhile, thrifted bookcases or curio cabinets can make the ideal setting for your trinkets. You can also add a wall hanging artwork as a statement piece, such as a large tapestry, a colourful rug, or a macrame backdrop.

If you want to create the perfect boho chic bedroom, it is best to stick to a scheme to avoid overwhelming. Use neutral elements to tie the theme together and compensate for the most exuberant focal points. For example, neutral paint – such as shades of white, beige or grey – with a single accent wall will have a marking effect. By matching the bed frame and storage units, you can bring attention to decorative elements, such as the artwork or textiles in the room. Neutral does not need to be boring: on the contrary, it can add another layer to the room. Our Nobu bed frame mixes a leather headboard with the wooden texture of the bed frame. The two-tone finish of the Nobu bedside table, console table, and chest of drawers help them to blend into any colour scheme while adding interest.  

Meanwhile, our Kona collection can bring a wind of exoticism – and storage – in your bedroom with its oblong faux-rattan details. Mix and match with your other furniture to create a consistent look – all our Kona pieces are available in a crisp coastal white or warm maple finish – and let the added touch of texture do the talking. Depending on the flow and size of your room, our Kona bedside table, 2-door cabinet or 3-door sideboard will provide both the storage you need and the design statement you want.


Boho Chic in the Living Room

Your living room is the ideal setting to welcome friends and family, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a full-fledged party. It should be inviting and comfortable so your guests can relax and enjoy your company.

No boho chic living room is complete without a low-level sofa, and plenty of fun throw pillows. Our Nikko sofa-bed is available in a variety of colours, including a warm mustard yellow, perfect for a boho-chic interior. It can also quickly turn into a comfortable bed for last-minute guests. Bean bags, poufs, and floor cushions in cheerful patterns add texture to the room while also providing additional sitting that can easily be rearranged for guests to mingle according to the flow of the conversations.

Keep unsightly objects, such as remote controls or cables, out of the way so your guests’ attention can focus on the items you want to display, thanks to our Nobu coffee table and TV stand, or exotic Kona coffee table and TV unit. They offer a combination of open shelves, perfect to display your knick-knacks, and drawers to hide everything you’d rather keep out of sight but easily accessible.

It is also the perfect place to share and display your favourite hobbies. For example, if you enjoy music, your instruments and equipment have their place. Invest in vintage-inspired speakers so you can introduce your guests to your favourite tunes. Beautiful hardcover editions of your favourite books can double as home décor and as a conversation starter. Complete your boho chic living room by inviting the great outdoors in with plenty of houseplants.