Get the Look: The Hamptons

Get the Look: The Hamptons

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Built for comfort, Hampton homes offer relaxation without compromising on the lavish lifestyle. Between impromptu lobster bakes and cruises on antique sailboats, life in the Hamptons is the quintessence of understated luxury.

Always eager to embrace new coastal trends, it’s no surprise that Australians love Hamptons furniture. Bright, welcoming, and elegant, it’ll bring a holiday feel into your home all year round.

Its enduring appeal plays on neutral soothing tones, nautical accents, and light-filled spaces of generous proportions. Bright whites complement a palette inspired by sea glass and hazy mornings on the bay, from silver greys to mint greens and every shade of blue imaginable.

With this clean colour scheme, preppy patterns bring depth to the upholstery for a layered look. We’re talking pinstripes, gingham and plaids.

The Hampton style thrives on high-quality raw materials, such as timber, leather, linen, cotton, or wool. Boating-inspired metals, such as brass or brushed nickel, add a touch of sophistication.

The Hampton style does not hesitate to mix the old and the new, the expensive and the pedestrian. High-quality art pieces, organic treasures and travel souvenirs combine to create an atmosphere that’s homey and refined.


Hamptons in the Bedroom

Bedrooms in the Hamptons aim to create a relaxing environment. Envision diving into a comfy bed after lounging all day on the shore. Even if you are not lucky enough to live by the beach, you can still create an oasis of calm and serenity to unwind and rejuvenate.

Choose clean-lined furniture in crisp white, such as our Coco Bed Frame, for a minimalist look. Plus, it has wheeled drawers to keep other necessities out of sight.

Splurge on high-quality bedding for a luxurious experience. Crisp bamboo bedding will keep you cool in the summer, while flannel will add warmth in the colder months. Throw pillows, and a matching quilt can help create a layered look for interest and coziness.

Staying organised will help you maintain an airy atmosphere in your Hamptons bedroom. Our Coco bedside table and chest of drawers are equally practical as they are pleasing. Driven by minimalist design, they blend in perfectly with any Hamptons-style home.

Sheer curtains help soften the sunlight while letting in the light. A luxurious wool rug in a matching colour scheme will contribute to a welcoming feel.


Hamptons in the Living Room

Hamptons homes are built to entertain. Friends and family gather to exchange the latest news, plan the next outing, or simply share some time together. Casual elegance and generosity are the most important themes to set up a Hamptons living room.

Comfortable sitting, such as vast sofas or Chesterfield armchairs, is a must. You cannot go wrong with the classic lines and crisp upholstery of our Lorne collection.

If possible, make the view the star of the show. If not, lush greenery will bring the outdoors in. Do not hesitate to include unexpected features, especially nautical-inspired lighting and mirrors. The living room is the ideal setting for your most precious treasures.

Whitewashed furniture looks amazing paired with the chic navy blues and greys typical of the Hampton style. Pick several patterns – florals and stripes – in the same colour for effortless sophistication.