Get the Look: Minimalist Style

Get the Look: Minimalist Style

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Minimalist style has been all the rage ever since Marie Kondo hit the scene with her revolutionary way of organising. But, it takes more than de-cluttering and folding your washing to achieve true minimalism style. When done right, a sense of zen and complete calmness is felt throughout your home. 

Like other decorating styles such as Japandi, minimalism is heavily influenced by Scandinavian modernism, where “form follows function.” Functionality and convenience are the number one priority. That’s why eliminating unnecessary detailing and ornamentation is fundamental for this style.

Far from being boring, minimalist style plays with natural textures to bring interest and character. Depending on your inspiration, your can turn to raw materials, such as wood, concrete, or stone, for an edgy feel. Meanwhile, earthy tones, like sand or cream, can soften the look and add a more feminine touch.

Minimalist homes give great importance to the flow, open concepts and recurring elements from one room to the next. Since natural landscapes are the star of the show, large windows and glass doors bring the outdoors and natural light inside. If minimalist home decor inspires your design style, you’ve come to the right place.


Minimalist Style in the Bedroom

Minimalist bedrooms are sober, relaxing, and calming. It’s the perfect place to incorporate darker hues, such as dark greys, blacks or browns. Or, for a more playful touch, pastels and paler colours.

Accessory pieces are an excellent way to bring contrasting textures for added interest. In a minimalist environment, they will naturally draw attention. For example, you may want to use accent lighting or create a sitting area as a statement. These elements will marry style and function and allow bolder pieces to stand out in an otherwise subdued environment. 

Larger furniture should contribute to the organisation of a minimalist lifestyle. Our Muzi lowboytallboy and bedside table will keep your belongings tidy and out of sight. Also, you can associate them with our Cali bed frame, whose versatile style befits any home. The matching white finish of these pieces will blend in with any colour palette while adding textural interest with its tapered legs. By matching furniture, you allow statement pieces to shine brighter. But you can also combine them with different styles, like our Tate collection, according to your tastes.


Minimalist Style in the Living Room

Receiving your guests in your minimalist living room will bring an air of sophistication to any occasion. It is the ideal setting to showcase luxe pieces, such as your favourite modern artwork. Also, architectural elements can double up as home décor without creating clutter. For example, wooden beams can add interest, as does an accent wood or stone wall.

Armchairs and sofas in contrasting upholstery serve as modular seating while also adding texture to the room. The clean lines of our Bradley modular sofa will match any interior.  The best part is that you can customise it to perfectly fit your living space. 

Keep your minimalist living room clean and organised so your statement elements can stand out. Our low-profile Muzi TV unit and coffee table offer both open shelves to display your favourite objects and closed storage to keep any mess at bay. Their natural white finish elegantly fits into any living room.

Texture can bring a touch of coziness to your minimalist bedroom. Natural fabrics – for example, linen – in neutral tones will fit the decorating style. It’s what makes our breezy Lorne Sofa such a perfect fit for minimalist style.