Less is More: A Minimalist Guide to Storage

Less is More: A Minimalist Guide to Storage

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We spend a lot of time defining our style. From scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram to finding items that speak to us, decorating our homes isn’t always quick. And yet, after all that time, there’s one area that sometimes falls under our radar: storage. What a mistake! Even the best-curated homes can feel like utter chaos when clutter rears its ugly head. 

It can be challenging to keep your house tidy and organised when you (and your family) live in it. Electronics, toys, not to mention work and school supplies, can take over every surface, even if you do your best staying on top of things. The best way to maintain a home that feels and looks good is to bring in more storage, so there is a place for everything. 

While decorative baskets and boxes can help control some chaos, they can also add clutter. Here is how to bring more storage in every room in the house, minimalist style. 


In the Bedroom

Your bedroom should feel relaxing and welcoming, but it’s tough to achieve when bedrooms rarely offer much built-in storage. The little necessities can feel overwhelming. From outgrown clothes in your wardrobe, half-read books on your nightstand and of course: the iconic clothes dumping chair.  

There are some solutions to help you keep your most treasured items safe and out of sight. A bedside table with hidden storage means you can tuck away essentials but they’re nearby in case of an emergency.

We love dressing up as much as the next person, but clothes can accumulate in every corner. Unfortunately, this makes your room feel smaller. Besides, do you want to iron your favourite shirt every time because it’s collected wrinkles in a pile-up? 

If your wardrobe fails to contain your expanding clothes collection then a sleek chest of drawers can be godsent. They are wonderful to keep pants and t-shirts folded and organised. Besides, the extra top surface is perfect for displaying jewellery or showing off pictures of your loved ones. Is your closet still bursting at the seams? Then it may be time to invest in another wardrobe


In the Living Room

Living rooms have one goal: to accommodate living. As such, they often end up hosting a wide array of miscellaneous items that each family member deems essential. Electronics, toys, boards games, remotes, and cozy plaids accumulate in every corner. You may even feel guilty putting your feet ups at the end of a long workday because the mess taunts you.  

Put an end to it by replacing existing furniture with some new multi-functional pieces that include extra storage. Coffee tables are a convenient hub to play and hang out, serving as support for games or yummy snacks. But, they can also include hidden storage to hold the things you want to keep within easy reach without contributing to clutter. While wall-mounted TVs are great to keep unsightly cords away, you may miss out on precious storage. A low-profile TV unit is a perfect addition to keep your gaming accessories and remotes out of sight when not in use. 

Choosing pieces with a streamlined, minimalistic is easy with our new Tate collection. Available in warm neutral wood tones or a sleek black finish, it will fit in with mid-century modern and Japandi inspired interiors. 


In the Dining Room

From holiday feasts to endless intimate conversations, dining rooms are where the memories happen. But dining rooms have found a new function these days by transforming into our impromptu home office. 

Find a dining table with a column pedestal, like our Tate dining tables in a 4-, 6- or 8-seater, keeps your dining room sleek and reduces clutter. It will elevate the aesthetic and allow your guests to move comfortably around the table. 

To keep clutter at bay and make your dining room more functional, we recommend including a sideboard that will hold other necessities out of sight when entertaining guests. You can style the top to create a welcoming seasonal vignette or a convenient coffee bar (perfect to fuel up after a lengthy video call!)


In the Hallway

Hallways are often overlooked – and yet, they can also offer convenient storage options. Under-utilised corners are the perfect opportunity to make necessities accessible without cluttering. 

Foyers often turn into catchalls for the entire household, with bags, coats, and shoes piling up. You can turn even the smaller entryway into an organised area to start and end your day on the right foot. Installing a hook system can keep everything off the floor. Meanwhile, a shoe storage cabinet makes it less tempting to dump shoes nearby. But a big advantage is a small side table for essentials like keys and face masks, which make it easier to grab and go. 

Slim profile sideboards can also come in handy in larger passageways, providing storage for extra linens. The countertops are perfect to display your favourite mementos or bring a natural touch with fresh flowers and potted plants.