Get the Look: Mid-Century Modern

Get the Look: Mid-Century Modern

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Forward-thinking, minimalist, and practical: mid-century modern (MCM) furniture has it all. Taking off in post-World War II America, the sculptural style took the world by storm and has remained at the top of the most desirable trends ever since.

Designed to pack a punch, mid-century modern furniture fits small spaces while remaining usable. It has also pioneered new shapes and materials, such as plastic, glass, and plywood. No wonder MCM furniture has stood the test of time for nearly 80 years. Common elements of mid-century modern furniture include warm and elegant wood tones. It also contrasts textural accents, such as brass hardware or textured fabric, streamlined shapes, and raw materialsIn addition, mid-century modern furniture plays well with everybody, from whimsical coastal and boho interiors to minimalist abodes.

Whether you’re turning your living room into a sleek pad or infusing a touch of class, here’s how to bring mid-century modern spirit into your home.


Mid-Century in the Bedroom

MCM furniture was tailored to fit cramped post-WWII homes when many people often had more kids than bedrooms (hello baby-boom). It was a natural fit for small space dwellers and lovers of anything bright and airy. If you want to make your bedroom appear bigger and more elegant, then MCM is the way to go.

As it is likely to be the most imposing piece in the room, make your bed the focal point. The warm walnut oak of our Nook bed frame and bed base will add a graphic touch to your bedroom. The recessed plinth bed gives the illusion of a floating be, making your room appear larger. Complete the look with the clean lines and practical storage of our Nook bedside table to keep clutter at bay.

Embracing simple furniture allows you to go wild with accents. Whether it’s a retro chandelier or graphic patterns, the wood tones and sleek silhouettes match everythingSubtle decorative elements, such as the tapered legs of our Casa bed frame, create interest without adding bulk. As a result, you’re allowing your style to shine.

Some trends come and go, but mid-century modern is here to stay. With a timeless silhouette and walnut oak finish, our Pam collection ticks all the boxes to make your bedroom stylish and functional. Complete the look with our bedside table and our lowboy and tallboy dressers.

MCM style spanned decades when tastes and preoccupation evolved. Colour schemes, in particular, evolved. Tasteful neutrals in shades of beige, creams and pastels in the 1950s changed to bold floral patterns and jewel tones by the 1970s. Your MCM bedroom could be a minimalist oasis or a groovy retreat. Depending on your aesthetic and accessorising, your furniture will never look out of place.


Mid-Century in the Living Room

Mid-century living rooms were designed to impress guests but also feel comfortable while doing so. Exit rigid furniture conceived for prim housewives sipping tea. Enter raucous cocktail parties and evenings dancing to rowdy rock n’ roll tunes.

MCM living rooms are open, airy spaces with room for friends and family to move and mingle. They take advantage of the textures and materials used in each piece to make an impact without adding bulk. Mixing elements are not only A-OK but even encouraged. Think straight lines and rounded shapes. Or organic, soft textures with strong industrial materials.

The ribbed pattern, elegant symmetry, and rounded shape of our Tate collection is a perfect example of MCM. It’s functional while providing architectural interest.

Another collection that nails the MCM brief is our Pam collectionWith sleek curvilinear handles and tapered legs, our TV unit and coffee table are the perfect additions that blend style and practicality.

Seating is another important element when setting up a mid-century modern living room. Find a sofa that is roomy and comfortable enough to keep you and your loved ones lounging for long conversationsWhether it is a timeless neutral like the William sofa or a statement piece with a retro vibe such as our Phoebe sofa, you can’t go wrong.


Mid-Century in the Dining Room

Dining rooms can be a bit of a balancing act. Once reserved for more formal occasions, they have become the place where friends and family gather to create memories. Also, they have been called on to substitute for a home office in a pinch in the past two years.

Versatile mid-century modern furniture fits like a fish in the water in this ever-changing lifestyleInspired by the iconic Eames chair, our Leon dining chairs are comfortable, stylish, and streamlined to make them easy to keep cleanAssort them to a scratch-resistant dining table spacious enough to accommodate a workstation or a crowd of loved ones. That way, you’ll have a space that can easily switch from a convivial space to a professional home office.

Even your small dining room deserves a statement-making table. The compact design of the Pam dining table is perfect for apartment living, eating nooks, and cozy homes. Complete the look with the accompanying sideboard for hidden storage that’ll make organising a breeze.

Your dining room is also the perfect place to display a large chandelier as a conversation piece that is functional while remaining safely out of the way. This will allow you to go all out without creating a cluttered space you will need to clear for work calls.