At Home With: Bek from @bekhalliday

At Home With: Bek from @bekhalliday

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Welcome to Lifely’s At Home With series, where we explore the homes of inspiring creatives, interior designers and everyday Australians to see how they’ve brought their homes to life.


What started as a flip turned into a forever home for stylist and all-round creative, Bek Halliday. 14 years ago, Bek and her family purchased a house that required extensive renovation. While they intended to sell it quickly, fate had other plans. Instead, they decided to dedicate themselves to renovating their hidden gem. “We definitely purchased one of the worst houses in the best street,” she says. “But we fell in love with the area and never left!”

The journey began with essential updates, such as updating the flooring and fixing a deteriorating deck. They then embarked on more significant renovations. This included a new kitchen, a transformed bathroom and laundry, plus the addition of a fourth bedroom.

While they’ve mastered the art of restoration, Bek’s passion lies in design and style. A creative at heart, who also juggles being a content creator and a stay-at-home mum, her spaces are styled to make you smile. “I love mixing modern elements, shapes and textures with traditional pieces that stand the test of time. Together, they create beautiful spaces that just make you feel a sense of ease and relaxation when you enter.”

Of course, experimenting with creativity doesn’t come without its challenges. There are many moments when a design concept doesn't translate as expected. But, Bek relishes the challenge and finds fulfilment in finding creative solutions. Sometimes, the end result surpasses even her own initial vision.

Even though the whole home captured her heart 14 years ago, Bek has a soft spot for her bedroom. Designed to be calming and captivating, it serves as her personal sanctuary. It also includes some of her favourite pieces, like her boucle bed and chair, complemented by a brass arch mirror and a cherished dresser. These loves have now become staples for her styling, with her daughter also having a boucle Arch Bedhead, paired with the Harmony Bedside Table. Together, the soft curves create an adorable, whimsical space.

While their abode has come a long way since they first purchased it, there’s still one thing Bek is dying to update: a new couch. Their current lounge has served its purpose and helped them recuperate while restoration. But the time has come for something fresh that’ll enhance their space and evolve with Bek’s style and influences.

These days, she's inspired by iconic American interior design, like Studio McGee and Kate Marker Interiors. Their attention to detail is unmatched, especially the ability to compliment pieces without overwhelming a space. Shea McGee's style, in particular, captivates Bek, with the ultimate goal to collaborate on her dream home.

Fallen in love with Bek's home as much as us? Her advice for creating a well-styled home is to invest in staple pieces like beds, couches, and dining tables. They form the focal points of a room and are daily essentials. Additionally, she recommends investing in high-quality cushions with feather inserts, as they elevate the look and add a touch of luxury. For more interior styling inspiration and advice, don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.