At Home With: Tiffany from

At Home With: Tiffany from

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Welcome to Lifely’s At Home With series, where we explore the homes of inspiring creatives, interior designers and everyday Australians to see how they’ve brought their homes to life.

Every renter has felt the struggle of turning their rental space into a home. Tiffany, from, is no stranger to this common issue. A self-professed “homebody with a passion for everything DIY and interior styling”, Tiffany has mastered the delicate art of transforming the rental home she shares with her husband and two toddlers in Wollongong, NSW, into a cozy and gorgeous haven for her family. 

The process took some grit and creative thinking. “As most people living in a rental would understand, we are limited to what changes we can make,” she explains. “My biggest struggle is not being able to do simple things with the interior of the house like painting or adding things to the walls. I'm so passionate about interior design that this is such a struggle for me to have to come to terms with when styling a rental home.”

But, Tiffany did not let these limitations get in the way of her vision for her home. “I started by selling a heap of our old furniture and purchasing items I felt blended in with the interior of this house better as well as our surroundings. For me, this meant oak look and white pieces and generally anything with a neutral sort of tone to it to keep up the aesthetic. Other smaller changes I made included switching out the pendant shades that came with the house for ones I purchased as these are the sort of things that can make a difference to the look of a space, and at the same time, it's not a permanent change so you can put the old ones back when needed,” she says. 

This creative strategy allows her to transform the feel of her home by relying on rental hacks and DIY projects, as illustrated by the changes she made in the lighting situation of her master bedroom. “I obviously couldn't have an electrician come out and permanently fit some to the ceiling, so my rental-friendly solution was to attach removable adhesive hooks to the ceiling and attach a piece of rope with a pendant shade to it. Instead of having a wired light, I used remote-controlled puck lights within the shade.”

Tiffany describes her style as “a mixture of Scandi, Boho and Coastal with a slight Country feel to it.” However, to her, the most important part is that it is filled with pieces that she loves, and it is all that matters to her. We are excited that some of our best sellers made the cut. “Two of my current favourite pieces in the house are my Kona Rattan Sideboard and Sorrento Small Display Cabinet. Who doesn’t love curvy, textured and arched furniture? These pieces are both so versatile and would look great in any space.” 

Her favourite space is her living area: “I love the warm and inviting feel to it as well as the big open design. You can be sitting in the living area but also see the dining area, kitchen and outdoor patio. During summer, this space is perfect for entertaining. We slide back the big glass doors, and the inside and outdoor entertaining area become one big space.” Keeping things flowing throughout the home is one of her top tips for a well-designed home: “Keep things simple. Less is more,” she insists. “When choosing furniture stick to the same sort of colours throughout the house so each room blends nicely into the next.” However, for Tiffany, the most important part of decorating your home is to have fun with the process. “Get as creative as you like because the house is yours and if you love it, that’s the most important thing.” We could not agree more.