At Home With: Cass From @our.home.le.fleur

At Home With: Cass From @our.home.le.fleur

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Welcome to Lifely’s At Home With series, where we explore the homes of inspiring creatives, interior designers and everyday Australians to see how they’ve brought their homes to life.


After years of minimalist interiors and homes adorned in 50 shades of white, colourful décor is having a moment again. However, it is not always easy to overcome our instinct to choose the safe – if a little bland – option when it comes to curating your home. If your Pinterest boards and social media feeds are in need of something a little extra, may we recommend giving Cass, the mastermind behind @our.home.le.fleur, a follow? 

The busy mom of a two-year-old while also working part-time crafting optical glasses and doing product styling and photography on the side, Cass has embraced her love for bright hues and curated details. In a world where many influencers have adopted a more streamlined approach to home décor, Cass’s style is a breath of fresh air, with its deeply personal and unapologetically colourful take. “I use a mash-up of different styles and just incorporate things I love that I believe work well together in the space,” she explains. 

It is not always easy taking risks with our interior, especially after sticking to safe choices for many years. “I think people are afraid to use lots of colour in their homes, but with the right amount, it really adds a beautiful warmth to the home,” says Cass. Her newly built home in Melbourne’s western suburbs is a perfect example of how bringing bright hues into your home can really pay off. Her favourite rooms in her home include her daughter Lola’s bedroom and the master bedroom; both are great examples of how incorporating some fun shades in your next décor haul can help personalise your space in different ways: “Lola’s room is so cute and fun and has the best vibes, but our bedroom is so cozy and full warm colours and soft light which I love.”

Cass’s home is a work in progress. “After moving in, I have been nonstop making changes. I always come up with something new I want to do in the house,” she says. Styling a colourful home is not always easy. “I struggle most with going overboard with decor. I usually need to take a step back and see what is going to really work in the space and what’s not, then remove a few things,” she explains. She can always turn to the internet and fellow interior stylists to clarify her vision. “One of my favourite interior stylists is Melissa Tonkin. I love her beautiful bright styling and all the light in her home. Another one of my faves is Sarah Pickersgill-Brown. Her outdoor area is an absolute dream, and I get lots of inspo from her,” recommends Cass. 

If you feel constrained by similar-looking homes everywhere, Cass’s approach to decorating is probably the way to go. “Gather a bunch of decor and furniture you love and bring it together to create the perfectly styled space for you. I always find a beautiful piece of artwork always tops it off as well,” she says. Artwork can tie together a room by incorporating some of the hues in your space, but it can also be personal and affordable. It is also a great way to take some risks without going overboard. Fun accessory furniture, like our whimsical Cloud coffee table, which is also the centrepiece of Cass ‘living room, is also an excellent way to make your space unique: “the artwork adds so much character to our home, and so does the coffee table,” says Cass. Her next buy? “I think the next decor piece I would love to add is a nice cosy occasional chair into the living room.”