At Home With: Chloe from

At Home With: Chloe from

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Welcome to Lifely’s At Home With series, where we explore the homes of inspiring creatives, interior designers and everyday Australians to see how they’ve brought their homes to life.


Buying your first home is no easy feat, but building your first home is definitely taking this celebratory milestone to the next level. And it’s exactly what Chloe from did. In 2019, Chloe and her partner made the exciting decision to build their first home in Perth. With a background in human resources, designing and styling a home was new territory for Chloe. As first-time homeowners, they relied on the guidance of consultants. But, they later drew inspiration from the Instagram community to refine their design choices.

With a blank canvas, Chloe ultimately opted for a simple modern and versatile design. That way, she could experiment with style by blending contemporary elements with Scandinavian influences. “It’s tough to describe my interior design style,” she says. “I would say it’s modern-neutral. But it’s unique. It has a mixture of everything tied into one.” While it’s not easy to define, this fusion of styles sets her home apart and creates a distinctive atmosphere.

While her kitchen is her favourite room in the house, it’s the Lorne Armchair and Muzi Bedside Tables that are her most treasured pieces. “The Lorne Armchair is such a great addition and it’s so versatile. It looks great next to the living room couch, or it could be a little reading nook or corner chair in the bedroom.”

Although their home is custom-built, they embarked on a few extra projects. They transformed their back garden from a sand pit into an oasis, creating all the paths and garden beds themselves. After moving in, they realised they needed some extra shelving and added more cabinetry for enhanced storage. Plus, there was a pesky hallway issue that they resolved by replacing a door with a stylish barn door. Sometimes the best statement pieces are entirely coincidental!

If there’s one challenge Chloe had to conquer during the building and styling of her home, it was overthinking. When you’re a first homeowner and builder, it’s easy to be influenced by others' opinions, especially if they seem more experienced in the area. To overcome this, Chloe's advice for creating a well-styled home is simple: avoid overthinking and stay true to your personal preferences. It's essential not to get overwhelmed by the vast array of inspiration seen on Instagram and instead focus on what resonates with you. It’s advice she’ll be using moving forward as she sets her sights on finding the perfect dining table and a new couch for their theatre room.

When it comes to seeking inspiration, Chloe draws from a wide range of sources. Along with the like-minded Instagram community she met on her building journey, one standout influencer she admires is Cindy Mead from @reno.diary, whose stunning home renovations never fail to impress. With 3 renovations under her belt and straightforward content that’s easy to comprehend, her account will fast-track any reno newbie into a pro.

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