How to style: Maximalism

How to style: Maximalism

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It's the trend that's blowing up on Pinterest right now, and in this post Covid world we can see why people are ready for some dopamine dressing, not just in the fashion department but also their homes. 

Image source: Pinterest search 23rd April 2024 'Colourful maximalist decor'

Maximalism is all about taking risks. Throw away any restrictive ideas about sticking to a certain trend, and go bold with creative freedom. Think multiple colours, textures, embellishments and layers to give your space interest and depth. It can be a mix of vintage and new pieces, ultra modern or antique.

Nervous committing to a bold look in your home? We hear you. Our top tip is to keep the big ticket items neutral, and use accent pieces to layer with colour.

Vase and glassware by Fazeek Home, Cushion by Hommey

Create a Maximalist Living Room

Lorraine Armchair - Basil Green

A streamlined modern shape paired with luxurious green velvet, this armchair embodies ‘classic with a twist’

Cloud Coffee Table - White

Curves and waves are trending hard right now, so we brought the look to life in this cute as pie coffee table with chunky legs and a smooth rounded top.

Georgia Rug

It’s colourful pattern makes it the perfect additional layer to a Maximalist living room

Dion Ostrich feather lamp

This wow-inducing lamp combines a highly-touchable texture with a feminine look that epitomises Maximalism style


Here's our other top picks for Maximalist styling

Klaudia Mirror

The wavy shape and a 3D texture adds a statement touch, creating interest without the need for clutter. Mirrors also make a room feel larger!

Chantelle Armchair

Flully and pastel pink, this is the epitomy of girly and fun furniture

Jerome Wave Rug

The curvy edges of the Jerome and it's ultra plush fur texture create a space with layer and depth. Pair with the Cloud Coffee Table for a ultra Maximalist look. 

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