How To Style: Japandi

How To Style: Japandi

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A fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design, Japandi has been trending the world over for quite some time now. Blending the light and airy Scandi style with natural Japanese elements, instantly creates a calming vibe.

Ballico Bed Base

Japandi Origins

It might sound like a trendy buzzword, but actually Japandi is anything but a new aesthetic. Japanese and Scandinavian interiors have both got centuries of history, with both aesthetics focused on simplicity, natural elements, comfort, and sustainability. Naturally, the East meets West mashup works beautifully, blending Japanese artistic elements and 'wabi-sabi' philosophy with Scandinavian comfort and warmth or 'hygge'.

As we emerged from the pandemic, our homes became a sanctuary to retreat to from the busy outside world. Japandi invites relaxation and a calming of the mind, with it's tranquil elegance. 

Titan Sculptural Floor Lamp

What is Wabi-Sabi?

Not so much a design trend, but more a philosophy of life. Wabi Sabi means finding beauty in the imperfections. It embraces the imperfectness of natural materials, and favours a healthy lifestyle that is all about balance. 

How To Create a Japandi Home

To create the Japandi look, think simplicity and functionality. Furniture is low to the ground, and prioritises comfort and ease of use over complicated or fussy design. An emphasis on natural materials like wood, stone, paper, linen and rattan is common.  

Colours are intentionally kept warm and neutral, with black accents in small amounts. Timber tones of oak, ash and walnut are all welcome in the Japandi world as are nature-inspired greens. As for wall colours, steer away from cool whites and opt for warmer neutrals, creams and beige shades. Natural light is always favoured over artificial, but a well placed lamp will provide the cosy Hygge feel in the evenings. 

Ballico Round Coffee Table

Curves are also a mainstay in this design aesthetic. Incorporating an oversized rice paper ball-shaped light shade, curved furniture such as a bedhead, or statement curved legs such as our Ballico Bed Base will give your room the Japanese design elements that are synonymous with this trend. 

Duet Bed Head

Lastly, don't forget to the bring the outside in. It wouldn't be a Japandi room without plants. We are loving Japanese blossom trees or a maple, and nowadays there's plenty of high quality faux options if being a plant Mumma isn't your thing. 

Our Top Japandi Picks

We love Japandi for it’s comfortable elegance. Here's a few of our favourite Japandi pieces:

Harmony Bed Side Table

Marion Floor Lamp

Tate Dining Table - Walnut

Though it has been around for quite some time, some may say Japandi is more popular than ever. Its continued relevance and desirability means it’s likely not going away anytime soon. Nonetheless, even if it were out of style, it’s still important to do what you want in your home. 


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