How To: Style Your Bedside Table

How To: Style Your Bedside Table

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Imagine you are finally lying down in bed after a long day at work or waking up from a peaceful slumber. You reach out, half asleep, blindingly reaching for your essentials – maybe your phone, a cup of water, or your daily medicine and supplements. Your bedside table is an essential element of your bedroom and the perfect spot to keep everything close by. However, it all too often ends up being a messy catch-all for the things you need or were simply too lazy to put away. And who wants to see that mess first thing in the morning?  

No matter how much effort you put into finding matching bedding, beautiful art to hang above your bed, or an elegant headboard, it will all be in vain if your bedside table stands out – and not in a good way. We have just the thing for you if you have been looking for ideas to make it look better – not to mention more convenient. Read on to find out how to style your bedside table like a pro.


Match your Bedside Table to your Bedroom

If you only keep one tip from this list, let it be this one. Your bedside table should not be an afterthought, grabbing whatever piece of furniture you can find around the house that suits the (often limited) space by your bedside. On the contrary, it should look like it belongs. For example, if you gravitate towards a more minimalist style, with neutral tones and sleek lines, choose a piece that matches the aesthetic, such as our Harmony bedside table. If you prefer coastal style, a clean-lined white element like our Coco bedside table will fit right in.

Your bedside table is also the perfect way to discreetly introduce some texture or architectural elements to your bedroom, creating interest without undertaking a complete makeover. We love how the ribbed pedestal of our Tate side table or the rattan details of our Kona bedside table add a little oomph without creating clutter.


Introduce Hidden Storage

Open storage is all the rage, and it can certainly look good in magazines and curated social media feeds. However, when it comes to real life, not everything we keep by our bedside is aesthetically pleasing – or should be advertised for all to see. If you want your table to stay stylish, the easiest way to do so is to find a table with drawers to keep clutter at bay and away from prying eyes.

For example, our CuppaMuzi and Pam bedside tables have spacious drawers to keep everything – from your secret candy stash to spicy Harlequin novels – discreetly out of sight. It is also the perfect spot to stash your electronics, such as your phone, e-reader, or laptop, so you can avoid accidents while reaching half asleep for your evening tisane or drop them while fumbling for the alarm.


Keep it Clean

We get it. The last thing you want to do when you go to bed or wake up is think about chores. However, this negligence will cause your bedside table to look messy and add stress, which is the last thing you need in your morning or bedtime routine. Make it a habit to quickly dust your bedside table as you make your bed in the morning and collect empty cups and mugs on your way out.

Keep track of the little things you tend to accumulate and find convenient yet pleasing solutions. For example, do you take off your jewellery at night and leave it in a hazardous pile (hello, tangled necklaces and missing earrings?) Add a jewellery stand and a cute box to collect everything. Does your nightcap leave a tale-telling ring? Look for coasters matching your bedding’s colour scheme.


Identify the Pain Points

Everybody has different routines. Bedside table styling – the realistic, made for everyday life at least – is also very intimate and unique. There is no point in arranging a perfect vignette that does not fit your lifestyle: what you need is to make it work for you so your efforts do not get lost in the shuffle. Ask yourself what you use your bedside table for. Do you need extra light, a place to stack your reading in progress, or an alarm clock to make your bedroom a no-electronic zone? Do you keep a journal, or do you enjoy pleasant smells that help you relax before falling asleep?

When it comes to styling bedside tables, less is often more. To create a cohesive look that will not add to the clutter, focus on a few elements that fit your needs. Keeping your bedside table free of mess will help keep your bedroom serene and start your day on the right foot, so avoid meaninglessly knickknacks that will disappear in the sea of objects you actually use and need.


Stick to a Theme

Once you have identified what you need to include on your bedside table, find items that match your decorating style and your bedroom’s colour scheme. They should be meaningful and add to your lifestyle. Thankfully, artisan stores and the internet have made finding items that combine style and function easy, like our Sorrento and Arch bedside tables.

Do not hesitate to shop your home or explore second-hand stores to score unique finds. It might be worth adding a couple of extra dollars for the items you know will be on display, such as hardcover books, matching pens and journals, or a beautiful candle holder.


Make it Look Good

Start with the more prominent elements and build your way down, keeping the big picture in mind while building the perfect vignette. If you do not have a sconce or pendant, you will most likely need to include a lamp. Add functional and decorative elements: for example, essential oil diffusers or a candle in relaxing scents to help you fall asleep. If possible, include some greenery – cut flowers, dry bouquet, or a live plant – to lift your mood. Smaller items, such as ring dishes, go in last.

You may need to play with the different heights, textures, and colours to create something that fits your decorating style and your needs. Remember that, when in doubt, it is best to remove rather than add: each item should have a purpose since real estate is limited on a bedside table. It is also a good idea to test out “in situation” to ensure that you will not knock anything down while lying down in bed. If your bedside table includes both open shelves and drawers, such as our Nook bedside table, you will need to use both spaces to perfect the effect. Finally, take a step back and admire your handy work!