How To: Update Your Bedroom

How To: Update Your Bedroom

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Rooms, like your kitchen and living room, are primarily used for their functionality. But, on the other hand, your bedroom is the place where your personality can shine. Often, only your nearest and dearest are admitted to it, and it acts as your haven at the end of a long, tiring day. But, bedrooms are sometimes the last places to be updated.

If you have been looking for a reason to treat yourself to a little bedroom refresh, this is your sign. Although we all wish we had endless cash to hire designers, these tips will help you transform your bedroom to make a statement without breaking the bank in the process.


Play with Texture

Adding texture is a great way to bring interest and affirm your style in any room, and the bedroom presents plenty of opportunity for that. Bedding and pillows in various materials can instantly change the feel of your room without changing everything in sight. Mixing and matching materials, like linen, velvet or embroidery, can also add depth. If you're able to, contrasting curtains can also add a nice stylish touch while offering functionality.

You can also use texture by playing with the different materials on furniture. For example, the ribbed pattern of our Tate side table infuses your bedroom with a calming Japandi-inspired atmosphere. Alternatively, the rattan accents on our Lana bedframe and Kona collection add a touch of exoticism. 


Life in Colours

Like texture, colours are a fun way to elevate your bedroom. You may choose to bring in the rainbow using the textiles in your bedroom or your home décor. For example, bright bedding in jewel tones coordinated with fun accessories can transform an otherwise neutral bedroom. It's a an easy way to update, especially if you are renting and may not be able to transform your space entirely. 

If you are looking for a weekend project and easy DIY, head to the home improvement store to buy a can of paint in your favourite tones. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is another way to change your bedroom. It comes in a wide variety of patterns and is both beginner-friendly and relatively affordable while making a significant impact. Besides, it will not damage the walls if you are renting or change your mind after a while. 


Adding Architectural Details

If you look at your favourite bedroom inspirations on Pinterest or other social media, you may notice that many of them flaunt elegant architectural details that instantly elevate the look of the room. For example, wainscoting or board and batten accent walls look luxurious without making a fuss. 

Many of these projects require a bit more elbow grease, but the effect is well worth the effort and will instantly transform an otherwise plain bedroom. If you are looking for an easy project, you can add crown moulding or paint waist-high panels in contrasting colours to fake wainscoting. 

For a less involved project, you can use furniture to add a graphic touch. We love how our Arch bedside table and sideboard use classic architectural details like arches for a striking visual. 


Make it Personal

If you have a hobby or a passion, flaunt it in your bedroom and turn it into a design statement. Whether it is art, a favourite sport, or an endless thirst for travel, use it to personalise your space and turn your bedroom into the unique space you deserve. For example, if you are one of those who wake up at dawn to go surfing any chance you get, turn your surfboard into the centrepiece, and decorate your bedroom with pictures of your favourite spot as well as memorabilia from champions. 

Where other rooms in your house may make concessions to trends and assume other functions, your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is the place where you should feel comfortable and unapologetic about what you like. So go ahead and embrace all the little things that make you unique. 


Mix Business and Pleasure

They say not to mix business and pleasure, but we beg to differ. On the contrary, allying form and function is the perfect way to update your bedroom. You can embellish your bedroom with little effort by turning menial objects into works of art (or, at the very least, making them look pretty). Clutter and all the little things that take up space without having a proper place are typically the kinds of things that will make your bedroom feel small and oppressive. Instead, good storage, like a chest of drawers or a nightstand, can solve two problems at once. 

We love bed frames with hidden storage, such as our Coco bed frame, Mia bed frame, or Terri bed frame, allowing you to take advantage of every corner of your bedroom for a clean and tidy look. Bedside tables with open shelves, like our striking Sorrento bedside table or elegant Harmony bedside table, are perfect for intentionally displaying your treasures. 


Let There be Light

Natural light can make or break your bedroom. If you are lucky enough to have a bedroom flooded with light, do not hesitate to flaunt it with breezy curtains and make the view the star of the show. Otherwise, there are ways to fake it! Use several lighting sources throughout the room to highlight darker corners and diminish the need for a bright, aggressive ceiling light. 

Another element you can use both for decorating and reflecting light, making your room appear bigger, are large-size mirrors. For example, the curvy silhouette of our Arch mirror or cheeky details of our Sorrento mirror are perfect for brightening up and adding architectural interest to any bedroom.