Pinterest Predicts 2023: The Top Five Trends You'll See in Your Home

Pinterest Predicts 2023: The Top Five Trends You'll See in Your Home

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Being the platform everyone uses for planning, Pinterest has helpful insights and a good handle on trends before they’re trending. By basing their forecasts on Pin activity and growing search terms, their accuracy is second to none. In fact, 80% of their predictions over the last few years have come true.

With hybrid living sticking around, and global crises everywhere you look, 2023 has a big focus on sustainability, nostalgia and making the most from current living circumstances.


Hipstoric Homes

The next-gen is always looking to discover unique ways to make their homes their own. That’s where Hipstoric Homes come in. It’s all about rejecting the mass produced and embracing the hand-me-downs that have style and a story. With searches like “Eclectic interior design vintage” (+850%), “Mixing modern and antique furniture” (+530%) and “Maximalist décor vintage” (+350%) all on the rise, it’s no wonder Pinterest has made this prediction. Expect soulful spaces full of self-expression, as well as comfort through nostalgic pieces.



Core aesthetics have been all the rage since Cottagecore took us by storm on Tik Tok during the pandemic. Now, we’re getting ready for weirdcore. People are getting more creative and experimental with maximalist style, resulting in a 695% increase in “Funky house décor” and 540% in “Weirdcore bedroom” searches. Not sure how this will manifest in the home?

Think mushroom lamps and fantasy art, they’ll be some of the new home staples in 2023.

Home Front

All eyes will be upfront in 2023. After a couple of quieter years with fewer visitors, making a great first impression with your front door is a must in 2023. “Front hallway décor ideas” (+190%) and “Front door transformation” (+85%) are leading the way in search growth. While hallway and porch makeovers sound tedious and small, they can pack a punch and add a lot of personality within a small space. Plus, they’re great spots for that extra storage and functionality.



Green living and sustainability have flourished over the last few years. When we were stuck inside our homes, bringing the outdoors in was a big trend. But in 2023, it's rainwater harvesting that is front of mind. As designs have improved, people have realised that reducing their ecological footprint and maintaining an aesthetic aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s also why searches like “Drought-tolerant landscape design” (+385%) and “Rain water harvesting architecture” (+155%) are on the rise. In a country regularly battling bushfires and flooding, it’s a development we suspect many Australians will get behind.


Chance of Showers

Relaxing baths will never go out of style. But with the rising cost of living, the rental crisis and interest rates always on the rise, having an abode with a bath is a rarity. Plus, with a focus on water conservation and increased floor space, we’re reassessing our priorities. Collectively, that’s why Pinterest has seen a drastic increase in “Shower routine aesthetic” (+460%) and “Amazing showers walk-in” (+395%). With shower bombs also now a thing, spa-like showers will be a go-to way to unwind at the end of the day.