Pinterest Predicts: Home Decor Trends in 2024

Pinterest Predicts: Home Decor Trends in 2024

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With 482 million people using Pinterest to help plan their future, it’s a platform that offers rare insight on the horizon ahead. In fact, over the last four years, 80% of their predictions have come true. ‘Dopamine dressing’ in particular increased 11 times over after they called it, with the term even expanding into ‘dopamine decor’. That’s a foresight way more accurate than any horoscope we’ve ever read.

Given their algorithm’s focus is to be additive, rather than addictive, we’re always excited to jump into their yearly predictions. Rather than being a platform with endless doom scrolling and unconscious actions, Pinterest is more purposeful. It encourages positivity, meaning that what’s being searched are things that people care about. Here are our top trends that are on the rise in the next year.


Tropic Like It’s Hot

After the chaos that 2023 delivered, everyone could do with a well-earned holiday. Or at the very least, a home that feels like an overseas oasis. With ‘tropical chic decor’ up by 110%, expect to see an escapist aesthetic with coconut and hibiscus accessories adorning spaces. Pair them with laid-back rattan, like our Lana Bed Frame or Lauria Coffee Table, and you’ll have your own slice of paradise.



Some say Australians don’t have culture. Well, they haven’t experienced our coffee culture. Enjoy our favourite pastime from the comfort of home with coffee shop vibes influencing our decorating choices in the new year. Neutral colour blends and warm lighting will be staple features of this look. But to nail the aesthetic, cafe chalkboards and decor - which have both jumped by 50% and 145% respectively - are a must. Not sure if your abode can fit an entire coffee station? Add a sideboard for some extra space and style.


Be Jelly

First came mushroom lamps, now get ready for jellyfish lamps. Taking on a similar curvaceous shape, this new trend adds subtle linearity for a minimalist take on tentacles. Up by 95% in search, it’s a whimsical style that fits in perfectly with the rise of dopamine decor. For a touch of oceanic exuberance in your space, play with pastels, scallop shapes or frills when accessorising.


Hot Metals

Metallics are going mainstream in 2024. We saw black accented furniture rise this year, but we’ll see the style look more futuristic with aluminium and chrome finishings in the picture. Think glass coffee tables, like our Gabriel, with a bold base (DIY anyone?). While search results show aluminium doors and furniture are up by 70% and 45%, this style is also achievable in smaller doses. Just accessorise a space with some metal-rimmed mirrors or candle holders for a hint of hardcore in your home.


Western Gothic

Like they say, everything old is now new again. Now the 1940s trend of Western Gothic is making its resurgence with a rise of 145%. Oozing with moodiness and mystery, expect classic silhouettes from country styles (up 125%) mixed with dark, sultry hues. Think black leather, studded finishes and Aztec detailing. It looks like people are dabbling in this trend first, through the use of mirrors and bedding, which have grown by 125% and 310% respectively.



You’ll always find us in the kitchen at parties, especially if it’s a kitschy one. With the rise of maximalist interior designers on TikTok, like Kaarin Joy, we’ve fallen in love with bright pastel cabinetry and squiggly walls featuring cereal bowls. So it’s no wonder we’re seeing eclectic kitchens on the rise by 150%. Whether people are sprucing it up with a pop of paint (retro pink and pastel green to be exact) or thrifted finds, we’re seeing that kitchens can be practical and have a personality.