Pocket Spring vs. Memory Foam Mattress: Which is Better?

Pocket Spring vs. Memory Foam Mattress: Which is Better?

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Shopping for a new mattress should happen every six to eight years if you want to avoid back pain and sleepless nights. But, it can feel like diving into a rabbit hole when on the search for a new one. The internet has a wealth of information and shopping options to help find the right mattress that fits your lifestyle and budget.

However, it also comes with many questions, such as “what is the right firmness level?” or “should I go with a pocket spring or memory foam mattress?” This is the question we are here to help you resolve today.


What is the difference between a pocket spring mattress and a memory foam mattress?

Pocket spring mattresses are sometimes referred to as innerspring mattresses or coil mattresses. They are a more traditional form of mattresses. They feature many coils that are individually wrapped in a fabric cover. This allows each coil to function separately, adapting to pressure and separating motion. They are topped with a plush and comfortable layer to protect the sleeper.

Memory foam mattresses, such as our Deep Dream Plush Mattress, took off after NASA invented a revolutionary product in the 1960s that absorbed pressure and returned to its original shape once the pressure disappeared. We use gel memory foam, which includes gel pods providing extra bounce and have their individual properties.


What are the pros and cons of pocket spring and memory foam mattresses?

Pocket Spring Mattresses Pros:

- Pocket spring mattresses are conceived to relieve pressure points on the sleeper’s body. They can help your body weight according to zones of various spring resistance – for example; your head is lighter than your shoulders.

- Thanks to the airflow inside the coils, pocket spring mattresses have better temperature regulation. A massive perk for sleepers who tend to run hot.

- Spring mattresses are typically more affordable than memory foam mattresses.

- Thanks to their individually wrapped coils ensure a better-quality sleep. This is because they reduce the feeling of your partner’s tossing and turning so you can sleep undisturbed.

Pocket Spring Mattresses Cons:

- Pocket spring mattresses can wear out faster since the coils start sagging, especially if the sleeper is heavier.

- Since the pressure relief points are not uniform, pain can be exacerbated, especially on the joints.

- Are you familiar with that annoying squeaky noise? Tired spring mattresses can be noisy!

- To increase your pocket spring mattress lifespan, it is recommended that you flip it regularly. This ensures that the coils that are the most solicited (and are thus the most likely to sag) change. The operation can be cumbersome.

Memory Foam Mattresses Pros:

- Thanks to their ability to contour the body, memory foam mattresses allow better back support and even relief on pressure points.

- Memory foam mattresses tend to do more durable than pocket spring mattresses since they do not have the same sagging issues.

- Using gel memory foam can help customise the experience. For example, our Deep Dream Green Tea Mattress features Green Tea infused Foam. It wicks away any excess moisture to combat bacteria and odours.

Memory Foam Mattresses Cons:

- Some memory foam mattresses have a chemical odour when first opening them due to the presence of VOC. It is recommended that you air out the mattress for up to 48 hours.

- Some people do not like the sinking feeling that memory foam mattresses provide. Instead, they prefer firmer, more supportive surfaces.

- Any new mattress represents a significant investment, but memory foam mattresses tend to be more expensive depending on the material and properties utilised. However, you can use financing programs such as mattress Afterpay to spread the cost and fit your dream mattress into your budget. After all, anyone who has spent nights tossing and turning can attest that a good mattress is a worthwhile investment.

So, what is best? Should you go with a pocket spring mattress or a memory foam mattress? Well, why not both?

E-Living offers the best of both worlds by providing hybrid mattresses such as our Deep Dream Essential Mattress or our Deep Dream Super Firm Mattress. They feature both the advantages of a supportive, body contouring foam with zero harmful chemicals and up to 900 wrapped pocket coils that absorb individual movement and motion for a zero partner disturbance experience.