Trend Talk: Retro Revival

Trend Talk: Retro Revival

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Retro styles are back and making waves in fashion, music, and interior design. From Elton John's record-breaking tour to the increasing popularity of retro revival furniture, it's clear that what's old is new again. But what exactly is retro revival furniture, and why is it making a comeback?

​​As a furniture style, retro revival has been gaining popularity in the 2020s, and shows no signs of slowing down. What was old is new again, so be warned: you may need to dig through vintage markets or your grandparents’ home to find the hippest ways to deck out your home.


What is retro revival furniture?

The first step to pulling off a retro vibe is to gain an understanding of what exactly retro revival refers to.

Retro revival furniture encompasses bold colours and prints, curvy shapes, and quirky details that hark back to the mid-20th century. Think warm shades of chocolate browns, burnt oranges, mustards and deep aubergines, paired with animal prints and rich textures like velvets and dark woods. This style speaks to maximalism, individuality, and sensory stimulation. 


retro cabinet


Why is retro having a revival?

One explanation for the popularity of retro revival furniture is the desire to inject a more authentic and personal style in our homes. There’s no arguing that neutrals such as white and beige have been in vogue for the past ten or so years - just type ‘interior ideas’ into Pinterest and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

To many, retro furniture represents the antithesis of mass-produced neutrals - particularly if you inject one-of-a-kind antique accessories into the space.

In addition, as we spend more time at home in the post-pandemic era, the need for comfort in combination with individuality is even more important. Perhaps retro revival provides a much-needed counterbalance to the neutral revolution that dominates social media? In any case, vintage style furniture evokes an aura of considered eclecticism.


eclectic coffee table display


Another explanation for the popularity of retro revival furniture is the increasing focus on sustainability and the use of environmentally-friendly materials. Retro furniture is characterised by its embrace of natural materials like wood, leather, and cotton, which are still popular today and have a lower impact on the environment compared to synthetic materials. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Another reason is the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness. Retro furniture often features natural materials like wood, leather, and cotton, which are still popular today and have a lower environmental impact than synthetic materials.


How do I incorporate retro furniture into my home?

Integrating a retro revival style into your home is a fun and playful way to add character and personality. In fact, it is versatile enough to integrate with a variety of decor styles, from modern minimalist to bohemian.

Here are some ways you can incorporate the retro revival movement into your home’s interior.


Mix and Match

Mixing and matching vintage-style pieces with modern furniture can be a great way to dip your toe in the water without the risks of a complete style overall. The end result? An eclectic, layered look that reflects your individual style. Maybe this takes the form of a retro rattan cabinet or a jewel-toned accent armchair. Or even just a neon light!

Whether you’re combining vintage with modern or bold with neutral, mixing and matching is an easy way to foster visual intrigue within your interior design scheme.


retro rattan cabinet


Choose Statement Pieces 

Statement pieces of furniture are designed to be bold and add character to a room. If you decide to go for a retro statement piece, some fantastic options include velvet sofas, leopard print rugs, jungle wall art, or coloured lighting fixtures.

What’s more, statement pieces serve as the centrepiece of a room by drawing the eye’s attention and setting the overall tone. Because of this, a retro statement piece has the added benefit of making the entire space feel more considered and bespoke.


Retro Revival by Room

If you decide to try out retro revival in individual rooms, you might want to consider beginning with communal spaces like your living room.

Our Tate Sideboard in Oak is a favourite piece of ours, due to the way it combines additional storage without compromising on aesthetic. Simply top with coloured cocktail glasses to complete the look.

With its curvy silhouette and nostalgic rattan accents, our Lauria Coffee Table looks can also bring a retro vibe to your lounge - just pair it with a colourful rug to complete the look.

If you already have a lot of brights to play with, the sleek outline and crisp colours of our Muzi Display Cabinet will be quite flattering. Whether it's a tasselled vintage stand lamp or colourful walls, this piece will effortlessly tie the look together.


Retro Revival Bedroom

For the bedroom, our Lana Bed Frame will bring a retro vibe if paired with warm-toned linens or a chenille bedspread. Complete the look with the Harmony Bedside Table and a kitschy lamp.


retro bed frame


The trend of retro revival furniture is a timeless one that continues to captivate and inspire. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or a functional and stylish addition to your home, mid-century modern furniture is a trend that is here to stay.