Seven Shows to Binge-Watch this November

Seven Shows to Binge-Watch this November

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If you’re nostalgic for the days when Friday nights were synonymous with a trip to the local video store, then this one’s for you. Set in the last ever Blockbuster, this new comedy takes a look at what it takes to run a small business in a fast-evolving industry. From the writers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you’re sure to have a laugh. Plus, it is hilariously ironic to watch the downfall of video stores directly from their demise: streaming platforms.

Where can I watch it? 3rd of November on Netflix.


Dangerous Liaisons

Given that we’re living in a remake era of television, it should be no surprise that another classic is getting a modern modification. Based on the 18th-century French novel, Les liaisons dangereuses, along with its play and movie adaptations, comes its tv counterpart, Dangerous Liaisons. Set on eve of the French revolution, a scheming pair of ex-lovers plot revenge to mend their wounded pride. If you’re a fan of period dramas like Sophia Coppolla’s Marie Antoinette and Bridgeton, then definitely make time for this saucy new show. 

Where can I watch it? 6th of November on Stan.


The Crown: Season 5

As time goes on, the opinions regarding the Royal Family become more polarising. And views around The Crown are no different. This “fictionalised drama based on real events” always ruffles some feathers, and we expect the same in its penultimate season. Set in the 90s, which is arguably the Royal’s most chaotic decade in modern history, it’ll focus on Charles and Diana’s marriage breakdown, along with the divorces of Anne and Andrew. On top of nuptial disasters, we’ll also see the Windsor Castle fire, the publication of Diana: Her True Story, and never-ending tabloid controversies.

Where can I watch it? 9th of November on Netflix.



If there’s one thing Brits know how to do well, it’s comedy. Featuring Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani, Chivalry follows an old-school movie producer who’s just fallen out of a relationship with his twenty-something assistant. Oh, and now he’s sleeping with the leading lady from his latest project. On the verge of ruin, a feminist filmmaker becomes involved to “detoxify” his movie. While they both feel they’re being set up by the studio with an ulterior motive, their unique experiences also offer a fresh take on gender politics as the two go head to head.

Where can I watch it? 11th of November on Binge.


Dead to Me: Season 3

The beloved black dark comedy, Dead to Me, is coming back for its third and final season. Featuring Christina Applegate as tightly-wound widow, Jen, and Linda Cardellini as the free-spirited optimist, Judy, we’re in for another wild ride as their deadly secrets are close to being exposed. Not only that but (spoiler) they’re also recovering from the shock car crash that played as the cliffhanger to conclude last season. We can’t wait to see how they wind up this tale of unpredictable twists and turns.

Where can I watch it? 17th of November on Netflix.



From the creator of the cult-classic, Dark, comes a new supernatural horror that’s sure to have you on the edge of your seat. Based in the year 1899 (as the title suggests), a passenger ship carrying multinational immigrants travels from London to New York. On their journey, they encounter a seemingly abandoned ship that sends their heads spinning. If the Titanic met hit tv show Manifest, we get the feeling it’d be something like this with some added spook and suspense.

Where can I watch it? 17th of November on Netflix.



Everyone’s favourite sadistic icon is getting her very tv show thanks to the dark and eccentric Tim Burton. Described as “fantasy-horror-mystery-comedy”, this multi-hyphen show follows the gothic-obsessed teen as she attempts to master her emerging physic powers, prevent a killing spree and solve a supernatural mystery all while navigating her new school, the Nevermore Academy.

Where can I watch it? 23rd of November on Netflix.