Eight TV Shows to Binge-Watch this October

Eight TV Shows to Binge-Watch this October

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Love Triangle

From the producers of Married At First Sight comes our new reality tv obsession: Love Triangle. In a similar format to the iconic MAFS set-up, this dating show doesn’t allow individuals to choose their potential partner based on their looks. Instead, it’s about deeper connection. Rather than a bunch of “experts” choosing the matches, participants will text and call one another before they make the call and go on a blind date. Let the sparks fly… whether they be romantic or otherwise.

Where can I watch it? 6th of October on Stan.


Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes

If you’ve already watched Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, then you know what you’re in for with the latest Conversations with a Killer series. One of America’s most notorious serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer, has a story so gruesome, some people couldn’t get past the first episode. We expect Conversations with a Killer will be just as sadistic as Ryan Murphy’s limited series. We hope you have a strong stomach…

Where can I watch it? 7th of October on Netflix.


Derry Girls: Season 3

Due to delays thanks to the pandemic, Derry Girls’ third and final season is finally hitting our screens. And based on its first two seasons, we know it’ll be worth the wait. We’ll be rejoining our favourite gang of eejits as things start to change and Northern Ireland. The Troubles may be coming to a close, but theirs are only just beginning as they hit the brink of adulthood. Get ready for a sore stomach as you’ll be laughing non-stop.

Where can I watch it? 7th of October on Netflix.


The Playlist

Streaming services love a biopic. Whether it be a success story or the rise and fall of an enterprise, it’s their bread and butter. Paramount+ brought out Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber and Apple TV+ released WeCrash. This time around it’s Netflix launching The Playlist, which reveals the untold story of how Spotify co-founder, Daniel Ek, beat Apple, Google, and Amazon in the race for audio dominance. While it seems conflictive, we recommend you pause your playlist and check out this limited mini-series.

Where can I watch it? 13th of October on Netflix.


Love is Blind: Season 3

With The Bachelor off of our screens this year, we’re due for a troublesome reality dating show to pique our interest. Cue the latest season of Love is Blind. While previous seasons showed promise that true love exists, there are still questionable characters (*cough* Shake *cough*) that remind us of the trash we see on MAFS (and Tinder…). Fingers crossed this season has more fairytale endings than failures.

Where can I watch it? 19th of October on Netflix.


One of Us is Lying: Season 2

Based on the book series of the same name by Karen M. McManus, One of Us is Lying returns with more trouble pursuing the students of Bayview High. After discovering who murdered their fellow student — Simon — and then murdering the murderer, detention pals Bronwyn, Nate, Addy, Cooper and Jenae are now being tormented by a new Simon Says. Even more determined to hold on to their secrets, these blood buddies must now participate in a twisted game or risk being exposed. Unless they discover and reveal their blackmailer first. Things are definitely going to get more complicated at Bayview.

Where can I watch it? 21st of October on Stan.


The Peripheral

If you’re a fan of science fiction, then you’re sure to love The Peripheral. Based on the 2014 book and produced by Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, it’s set in the near future and follows 3D printer, Flynne, who takes on a new job in a virtual world. But as she starts this strange profession, the line between reality and fabrication starts to blur.

Where can I watch it? 21st of October on Prime Video.


The White Lotus: Season Two

After the success of its opening season, it’s no surprise why this originally “one-off limited series” has been renewed for more episodes. Expect an (almost) entirely new cast, with one exception: the iconic Jennifer Coolidge. She’ll be reprising her role as the self-absorbed and insecure Tanya at The White Lotus’ sister hotel in Hawaii. Joining her are even more unbearable parties, including a pair of couples holidaying and a multi-generational boys' trip, along with locals and a hotel manager who have to bare witness to privileged outsiders treating their hometown as a playground.

Where can I watch it? 30th of October on Binge.