Folklore Fusion: Prepare for 2023 Biggest Trend

Folklore Fusion: Prepare for 2023 Biggest Trend

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Out with the stark coolness of minimalist décor, in with the cozy, layered look of folklore fusion. Distinguished as next year's most significant home trend by IKEA, “folklore fusion” is all about turning your humble abode into a haven as unique as you. After the past couple of years, it is not surprising that many homeowners are longing to curl up in a soft and welcoming place as the rest of the world falls into turmoil. “Having spent more time in the same four walls, we are seeing heightened creativity in the way we decorate our spaces,” said Clotilde Passalacqua, interior design manager at IKEA U.K. and Ireland. “Inspired by memories of carefree days, we’re seeing block colours and simple geometric patterns that transport us back to previous decades being favoured.”

Here are some tips to bring this cozy style into your home:


Make it Colourful

Styles inspired by Scandinavian designs are nothing new, (like the calming Japandi style). But, Folklore fusion pulls its inspiration from its more colourful aspects. After years of gravitating towards 50 shades of greige, people are ready to invite warming tones into their homes. “We could see an eclectic mix of contrasting colour combinations, as deep reds, mighty mustards, bold blues and glorious greens take centre stage, while whites and creams balance them out. There’s also a preference for incorporating blocks of colour in differing forms, from simple patterns and textiles to stained wood furniture,” says Clotilde Passalacqua.


Don’t be Afraid of Patterns

Looking to make your home more interesting without adding clutter? Focusing on patterns and textures is the answer. Luckily, there is no shortage of lovely patterns in folk-inspired designs. From simple geometric shapes to more elaborate layouts, there's something for you. Whether you use them in small touches, such as wall art or throw pillows, patterns are a great way to introduce a new style without breaking the bank. 


Mix it Up

Like boho-chic, Folklore Fusion is an eclectic style that serves your personality. It allows you to mix old favourites with newfound treasures. “When it comes to adding character, incorporate unique pieces that will get guests talking, and combine modern furnishings with bold prints," recommends Clothilde Passalacqua. This is your chance to showcase those beloved items you may have tucked away when embracing a more minimalist aesthetic. So now's the time to bring out the travel souvenirs and family mementos.


Think Fun

Do not take your décor too seriously. Instead, think of your home as the frame for some of your favourite things. It should be cozy, comfortable, and layered while embracing nostalgia and reminiscing. After all, where can you let loose if you cannot let out your inner child in the comfort of your own home? “This season, we are going to see more people embrace fun in the home, with bold statement pieces that express their individual personality. Simple tweaks will help establish a cozy atmosphere, ideal for dark nights relaxing with friends and family,” concludes Clothilde Passalacqua. So pull out your favourite throws, vases and candles that you have saved for a special occasion. Folklore Fusion is here to remind us that our homes are our kingdoms.