Four Aussie Boho Interior Designers We Love on Instagram

Four Aussie Boho Interior Designers We Love on Instagram

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Once upon a time, looking for inspirational boho home décor ideas meant flicking through piles of glossy magazines. Skimming through pages to find a concept that speaks to you has its charm. But we can’t deny that Instagram and Pinterest have made our quest for the next interior trend a lot easier. Plus, scrolling through your feed with your favourite drink is a delightful way to get your creative juices flowing.

A curated feed is sure to help you find inspiration for your next renovation project. Some of our favourite Aussie interior designers are masters in the art of boho chic. Their homes shine with their soft, layered look and delicate touch of whimsy that feels at once familiar and exotic. If you are considering incorporating this charming trend into your abode, give them a follow!



Currently stuck in a renovation project? Lack of inspiration or motivation to get going can be roadblocks, but Tessara’s account may be the thing you need. With her how-to-s, DIY hacks, and lovely inspiration boards, you are sure to find new energy to tackle your project.

We love how she incorporated the rattan touches of our Kona sideboard and coffee table into her home. Our Cali bed frame adds a natural texture to her bedroom. Meanwhile, our easy-to-maintain Tate dining table just the right fit for her dining room.

Erin Bacchi is an artist as well as a talented interior designer. We cannot get enough of how she uses textures and prints to create the perfect look, including the rattan accents of our entire Kona collection. Her gorgeous prints and paintings are also the perfect addition to any boho interior

She has embraced the comfort of our bedroom furniture with the Nook bed base and Cali bed frames. Our wooden Migo dining set looks terrific with the natural tones and organic inspiration she uses in her art. The versatility of our Buffy sofa bed is just the thing for her studio/guest room.



Steph has an eye for creating the perfect boho-coastal retreat. Her feed will spark your imagination to turn your home into a relaxing and welcoming oasis. She is the queen of texture layering to add interest to any room.

Her home stands out thanks to the way she meddles luminous whites with warmer, nature-inspired tones. That’s why she has woven a few of our collections throughout her home. Our Kona sideboard and Cuppa lowboy mix home décor and functionality to please the needs of her busy little family. Meanwhile, our minimalist Cali bed base takes a backseat in her bedroom so textures can stand out.



Amelia embraces a natural lifestyle without sacrificing aesthetics. As warm as it is comfortable, it provides endless inspiration for those who want their home to look good – but, you know, also live in it.

Our sturdy Cali bed frame fits the bill to handle the antics of her rambunctious toddlers. Back in the living room, our cozy Buffy sofa bed is the perfect place to relax and take an impromptu – and much needed – break during a busy day.