Get the Look: Hellenistic Revival

Get the Look: Hellenistic Revival

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Combining the refinement of Dark Academia and the fresh palette of Mediterranean decor, the Hellenistic revival style is the latest trend to take over our Pinterest feeds. This elegant style channels the opulence of Ancient Greece, with its columns and distinguished figures, while taking it on a new spin better adapted to today’s lifestyle.

After all, trends follow an endless cycle of “what was old is new again”. And this classic style was due for a return in favour since it was last seen in the 1970s and 80s (think Studio 54 and column-ornated public buildings.) If you, too, are longing for a touch of unapologetic luxury and escapism, follow these tips to infuse your home with some Hellenistic flavour.


Invite ancient gods into your home

The most iconic element of the Hellenistic style is Greek statues and mythological imagery. This is your chance to let fantasy come to reality by adopting bigger-than-life reproductions. Or, alternatively, more modest-sized busts or classic-shaped vases into your interior.

If statuary is too much for your taste, you can still channel the same atmosphere. Opt for some more discreet nods to Greek culture, such as mosaic or neoclassical-inspired wallpaper, instead. An even more straightforward – and practical – way to bring Hellenistic design to your humble abode is to use a bowl full of fruits as a centrepiece. Bowls overflowing with apples, grapes, etc., are a classic depiction, especially if the shape of the container is simple.


Create some architectural interest

You can certainly call your handyman and knock down walls to replace them with regal columns. However, this might be going a little overboard. Instead, opt for furniture with features remanent of this architectural classic. The pillar legs of the Pebble deskGabriel coffee table or the Amelia desk are perfect ways to bring Hellenistic style into your home.

The perfect Hellenistic combo? Featuring elegant niches in various sizes within white stucco-like pieces. This is where our Sorrento collection stands out. It constitutes both the perfect display for all your treasures - Hellenistic-inspired or otherwise - as well as being a work of art in its own right.


Adopt a clean colour palette

Like the Mediterranean revival, the Hellenistic style gravitates towards an organic colour palette.  Think of those sunbaked shores by the Mediterranean sea for inspiration. White buildings. Crystal blue skies and seas. Terracotta and olive greens. Metallic gold touches. These are some great ways to bring some Hellenistic elegance to your home in a subtle way.

Raw textures, such as the Austin or the Aiden side table, are also excellent examples of Hellenistic-inspired furniture. They combine the elegance of modern art with the mineral beauty of a stone-like finish


Leave room for the unexpected

One of the difficulties of bringing the Hellenistic style into your home is finding the perfect balance. Instead of going all out, use Hellenistic nods sporadically and playfully throughout your home, mixing the old and the new, opulent touches with more minimalist spaces. As with any trend, the key is to make this playful trend your own, opting for a more whimsical approach to this eternal look rather than trying to recreate a classic museum interior.