Trend Talk: Mediterranean Style

Trend Talk: Mediterranean Style

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It is no mystery that we have a love affair with any decorating style that pulls inspiration from ocean-side living. From laid-back Coastal style to preppy Hamptons interiors, we bring the feeling of freedom home with us. Much like the ocean itself, coastal-inspired furniture styles never stop reinventing themselves. They show new facets every day and adapt to the mood of the homeowners and changing trends.

Enter the New Mediterranean decorating style. If you cannot settle between the crisp palette of a minimalist interior, the playful attitude of Boho style, and the pared-down elegance of Old-World inspiration, then the New Med style may be what you have been looking for. 

It pulls its inspiration from the sunbaked shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Think of destinations such as the South of France, Spain, Italy, and Greece. These regions share an appreciation for the sweetness of doing nothing while the sun is at its hottest. Evenings spent sipping prosecco with friends and family under the stars. Good and simple food always ready to welcome last-minute guests. A simple lifestyle with an unyielding love for life’s little pleasures. The Mediterranean style brings these values into your interior, transforming your home into a relaxing and elegant haven where you can put your mind off more unpleasant issues. Here are six tips to bring this breezy style into your home.


Adopt a minimalist colour scheme

New Mediterranean is an eclectic style that allows each person to express their individuality and play out their home’s best features. However, a minimalist palette can help to tie the look together and create a peaceful and harmonious environment.

Mediterranean colour schemes gravitate towards natural tones, along with whitewashed walls and greige. Bring in rich earthy tones such as sand, terracotta, olive, and gold, along with touches of blue and greenery.


Create indoor-outdoor living spaces

The Mediterranean style is a true lifestyle. The most characteristic element of this laidback trend is blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. If you are one to linger on the beach after the sunset or always take the long way back to your abode, now is your time to shine.

Natural light is the star of the show, with breezy curtains for privacy and large openings such as sliding doors. Do not hesitate to bring in plenty of greenery to create an oasis feel in your indoor living spaces. If the climate – and your green thumb – allow, opt for potted olive or lemon trees. However, dried plants are perfect for those who prefer a lower maintenance option.


Use texture to bring interest to your home

With a minimal palette, texture is your chance to shine and create interest. Think lived-in, natural textures, like raw wood, waxed concrete or terracotta floors. They're an excellent way to bring some natural colours without adding clutter. Tile and hanging tapestries or rugs can create a large-scale art piece that will blend into the general architecture of the home.

Rattan is another favourite among Mediterranean home dwellers. Its retro and organic vibe is a perfect fit for this laidback style. From our Hex table in the dining room to our Lana bed frame in the bedroom, rattan adds an exotic touch to any room. With their rattan cutouts, the Kona collection provides much-needed storage along with architectural interest.


Prefer natural materials whenever possible

The Mediterranean style favours natural materials for furnishing as well as decorating. Breezy linen, with its natural texture and thermoregulating qualities, is a natural fit. It is elegant and timeless as much as it is relaxed and thrill-free, making it the perfect choice for your Mediterranean home.

You can turn your bedroom into a cool and relaxing retreat by adopting linen sheets along with our crisp white Hyla bed frame. However, linen is not only for the bedroom. Give your living room the same treatment with our Lorne collection. It features a classic silhouette that will never get out of style and is available in a breezy off-white shade. Best of all, our Hyla and Lorne collections come with removable and washable covers so you can enjoy your home without worrying about the mess.


Architectural details are where it is at

Decorative artefacts are often minimal when it comes to the Mediterranean style. Instead, home dwellers prefer to focus on architectural elements. Arched doorways. Wide wood plank floorings. Stonework. Forged metal. They all take the spotlight in this minimalist environment.

You can also let your furniture mirror this decorating style, especially if your home is a newer build or if you are renting an apartment with fewer architectural details. For example, our Sorrento collection features a white stucco-like finish and a curvilinear silhouette that will make a statement even in plainer environments.


Play with contrasts

Mediterranean style is an intimate, deeply personal decorating style where each person can play to let their personality shine. With a pared-down setting, each piece can shine brighter, so you can go all out on statement elements for an Old-World touch. For example, an opulent mirror or ornate wallpaper can look fabulous in a more humble setting, so do not hesitate to flaunt your treasures and higher-end pieces!