Get the Look: Industrial Style

Get the Look: Industrial Style

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Historically, decorating your home was synonymous with ornate furniture made to impress. Then came along minimalist and Scandinavian styles. A rebellious act against superfluous details, they value raw materials, neutral palettes and clean lines. Together, it's a look that provides respite for the eye and the mind.

The industrial style is in line with this aesthetic where less is more. Born out of necessity, it began as urbanisation took over the large, abandoned spaces from the Industrial Revolution. Derelict factories and warehouses turned into housing, proving that beauty is everywhere. From raw bricks to exposed pipes and concrete floors, utilitarian style is a decorative element worthy of admiration.

Industrial style is also the art of repurposing, reusing, and transforming materials. Reclaimed wood becomes an accent wall. Industrial piping supports open kitchen or bathroom shelves. Vintage neon signs steal the show from traditional artwork in the living room. With industrial style, everything has a second lease on life, like the buildings from which it originated.

The architectural particularities are characteristic of the industrial aesthetic. Think iconic high ceilings, open spaces, and large windows from the original space. Loft-style spaces are typically open concepts. They'll use makeshift barriers to define each area to avoid blocking natural light. Doors with exposed hinges, repurposed windows, and mezzanines are some ways architects think outside the box. Together, they create a fuss-free and functional space. It's the essence of industrial style.

Here are some ways to invite this raw, edgy style into your home.


Industrial Style in the Bedroom

Industrial spaces use a minimal palette with textures to create a non-fuss, inviting room. Raw materials, especially when they tell a story, are an inherent part of the décor. If your abode does not include brick walls, don't stress. You can replace them using repurposed furniture as a focal point. For example, our Coastal Palette bed frame and bed base are made of light, raw wood with a slate design inspired by shipping palettesIt adds an industrial touch to your bedroom while maintaining a bright and airy atmosphere.

Quirky, antique furniture diverted from its original purpose is another way to make your space look more industrial. Do not hesitate to try your hand at DIY using salvaged pieces to create your own. For example, you can turn a metal folder cabinet into a bedside table or use a vintage shipping crate as a bookshelf.

Keep your linens simple and pattern-free, preferably in moody tones like dark grey. Industrial decor can also include lighting fixtures, with Edison lightbulbs being a notorious element of any industrial space. Mix and match materials, such as glass, metal, or wood to add interest to the most spartan space.


Industrial Style in the Living Room

Industrial-style spaces may seem devoid of comfort at first glance. However, a closer look shows that nothing could be further from the truth. The absence of décor does not mean that industrial spaces cannot be inviting. This is especially true in rooms built for receiving loved ones like a living room.

Your couch is the centrepiece of the room. Choose a simple, streamlined design with straight lines and textured upholstery. Our modular Bradley collection is perfect for unorthodox spaces common in industrial abodes. Bradley will allow you to create the ideal seating arrangement to match your room. Our Lorne collection, with its crisp washable linen covers and clean design, is an elegant addition to your industrial living room.

Art and lighting fixtures are some of the ways you can introduce some personal flair to your living room. Think contemporary chandelier, distressed posters, pieces of machinery, or vintage finds. They will shine in a minimalist environment and acquire a unique quality, no matter how pedestrian they may seem in a busier setting. Industrial style is also an excellent way to give the centre stage to noble materials. Things made of leather or copper, for instance, will stand out in humbler surroundings.

Dark timber and metal are often favoured in industrial-style for their raw look. With its slatted design, our sleek Ethan collection ticks this box. It features a sideboard, coffee table, and TV unit that provides the perfect storage solution for your living room.