Bed Battle: Pros and Cons of a Bed Head

Bed Battle: Pros and Cons of a Bed Head

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your refuge at the end of a long day, and often, the most personal room in your house. Unlike more public areas, such as the living room or the dining room, where you can expect to entertain guests and put on your best face forward, a bedroom is a very intimate space built for comfort. Therefore, we are working extra hard to provide you with guides that can help you create the perfect place.

No bedroom would be complete without the right bed. Your mattress choice will determine how memorable – or terrible – your night will be. However, one element often causes debate: are bed heads necessary, or are they, on the contrary, a superflux expense?

Back in the good old days, bed heads had a specific purpose: protecting the sleeper’s head from the cold, often insufficiently insulated walls. Nowadays, we are blessed with more efficient setups, yet bed heads remain one of the fixtures in many bedrooms. So, should you get one too? Here are the pros and cons of bed heads.


Pros: Aesthetics

One of the major arguments in favour of adopting a headboard is purely decorative. Since your bed is, most likely, the most significant piece of furniture in the bedroom, it is the perfect opportunity to make an Instagram-worthy statement. Tying up your decorating style with the right bed head will bring your room to the next level.

Bed heads come in many different designs, so you can always find the perfect fit for your home. For example, if you want to infuse your bedroom with a refreshing coastal vibe, we recommend taking a look at our Cali bed frame or our Cuppa bed frame. Complete your bed with crisp white linen sheets, and you will feel as rejuvenated as if you had just woken up on the beach.


Cons: Clutter

If your room is small, we understand that adding the bulk of a bed head may be intimidating. Since your bed probably occupies most of the limited real estate in the room, leaving little space for other necessities such as a bedside table or a commode for storage. It can be even more challenging if you need to put your bed at an awkward angle to fit it in the room.

If you are worried about adding to the clutter, you can perfectly choose to bypass a headboard and choose a slim profile bed base instead, such as our Nook bed base or Cuppa bed base, which makes it look like the bed is floating so your bedroom feels larger. The right bed base, such as our Coastal Pallet bed base, can also add extra storage under the bed and at the foot of the bed to keep the clutter at bay.


Pros: Comfort

Do you often wake up at night wondering where did your pillow go? Unless your partner is the guilty party, it most likely fell off. If you are one of these people who move around in your sleep a lot, adopting a bed head may not be a bad idea since it will save you from diving into the awkward space between the bed and the wall in the middle of the night, hitting your head in the process.

In addition, if you read in your bed in the evening or sometimes take your home office to the bedroom to send off the last emails of the night, a padded headboard such as our Casa bed frame or our Nook bed frame will add an extra layer of comfort.


Cons: Price

We get it: headboards can be expensive. If you have very little wiggle room in your budget, it may be better to focus on the first necessities – such as a new mattress that fits your needs – rather than on the extras, no matter how nice they may be.

Suppose you do not have the cash for a bed head at the moment. In that case, we recommend opting for a neutral bed base, such as our popular Cali bed base or our Casa bed base, and assort it to a thrifted headboard, some fluffy pillows, or even a hanging tapestry to define your space until you can buy the bed head of your dreams.


Pros: Added Protection

No matter how cautious you may be, living in your house will leave some wear and tear. Fixing the usual bumps and traces can be annoying if you want your space to stay neat and clean. It is especially frustrating if you are renting. Furniture is a frequent offender since they constantly rub against the walls.

Adding a bed head to your bedroom will help protect the walls in this often-solicited area a little better. Besides, your head and body produce oils that can leave unsightly marks on the walls without this added protection. Even the breezy design of our Coastal Pallet bed frame can help protect your walls!

We hope this guide can help you decide whether or not a bed head is the right choice for you! Do not hesitate to check out our blog for more styling and decorating tips!