Get the Look: Coastal Style

Get the Look: Coastal Style

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With 50% of Australians living within a seven-kilometre radius of the 34,000 km shoreline, it’s no secret why we’re the first to adopt the latest beach-inspired decorating trends. Sand-crusted toes and surfboards by the doorstep are a staple in many households, but it’s more than that. Coastal style furniture is, after all, the perfect answer for our relaxed, sea-loving lifestyle.

In many ways, coastal décor is Hampton’s more laidback little sister. She takes a cold beer over champagne. Reaches for worn-in denim shorts instead of a preppy sundress in the morning. And, similarly to the carefree style itself, she embraces windblown hair and thongs no matter the occasion.

Like the Hamptons, coastal style is about a nature-inspired palette, organic textures, and seaside touches. But, where the Hampton leans towards more polished and curated elements, coastal flirts with the bohemian. In summary, it opts for a more casual and approachable vibe.

Filled with light, coastal homes showcase the outdoors and do not hesitate to play with conventions. They aspire to give their occupants the feeling of a never-ending summer. If it seems like something you could get on board with, here’s how to transform your home.


Coastal Style in the Bedroom

Your coastal-style bedroom should be relaxing, welcoming, and personal. It is okay to play with textures, shades and patterns to add interest, so long as you stick to a unified colour scheme.

Wood furniture will be right at home in coastal-inspired bedrooms. With its light pinewood shade, our Cali bed frame will look its best with breezy white or cream linen. Want to bring some architectural interest into your bedroom? Our Coastal Pallet bed frame comes with an extra 40 cm at the end, perfect for convenient seating or style your favourite books.

Fabrics have the biggest impact on your bedroom’s coziness. To embrace coastal inspiration, focus on natural materials and weathered textures for a lived-in look. Crisp bamboo bedding, a homemade macrame hanging piece, or a natural jute rug, shine brighter in their simplicity. Mismatched throw pillows not only soften the atmosphere but increase the comfort factor. In the colder months, a chunky knit blanket will tick the brief of keeping you warm while still channelling a coastal essence.

It’s also the perfect spot to introduce a pop of colour. You can’t go wrong with any shade of green or blue, but there’s is no place for flashy or metallic tones in this space. When it comes to curtains, breezy whites are the preference as they let plenty of natural light in, while protecting the privacy of your cocoon.

Don’t hesitate to associate different materials together to avoid a matchy-matchy look. Our Cuppa collection will keep your belongings organised while adding a wood accent that’ll stand out in white rooms.


Coastal Style in the Living Room

Traditionally, the living room is the place where you can show off your most precious belongings to impress your guests. But coastal-inspired living areas aren’t known for their traditional style. Think of your reception space as an indoor bonfire on the beach. Relaxed, welcoming and naturally attracting your loved ones to congregate and exchange.

Coastal furniture doesn’t need to look impressive. Most important of all, it should be comfortable and practical, built to handle everyday adventures and life events. For example, we included easy-to-maintain slipcovers in our latest Lorne collection. It means you can keep your living room looking crisp and clean even if you – well, live in it. Available in a 2-seater or 3-seater sofa, with a matching ottoman and armchair, this versatile style features removable covers. Cleaning and ironing them is a breeze so you don’t need to worry about the occasional spill or your best furry friend’ muddy paws.

Less is more when it comes to decorative elements. Try not to overthink your décor and stick with what you cherish the most – unique and quirky is welcome! Although the sea serves as your inspiration, avoid meaningless knickknacks. Exit the palm tree everything and seashells in every corner! Instead, focus on a few elements that remind you of your favourite moments spent in the great outdoors. We’re talking woven baskets you found at a beach boutique or unique driftwood you collected on your last surfing trip.

Second-hand founds mixed with quality crafted pieces is the way to go. Organic textures, such as rattan or wicker, compliment weathered wood tones inspired by reclaimed timber. Think white-washed, blond maple or ash. Our Cuppa collection associates rustic wood accents with a slick white design to hit the perfect balance of cool and stylish.

Even if your windows do not open to the beach, do not hesitate to bring the outdoors in by introducing vegetal elements, such as native foliage and plants. Alternatively, dried flowers are also an option if you are not blessed with a green thumb!