At Home With: Christine from @summerset_house

At Home With: Christine from @summerset_house

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Welcome to Lifely’s At Home With series, where we explore the homes of inspiring creatives, interior designers and everyday Australians to see how they’ve brought their homes to life.

If there’s one thing life guarantees, it’s that the journey to finding your forever home is never straightforward. For interior enthusiast, DIY reno rookie and primary school teacher Christine (also known as @summerset_house), this couldn’t be truer. Nestled along Melbourne’s coastline, her journey took a turn when a renovation project transformed into love for the area and home. Fate was sealed when they named their new abode "Summerset House” and ever since they’ve enjoyed the essence of summer and sunsets all year round.

Before Summerset House became the coastal haven it is now, it first went under renovation. Many projects were tackled by Christine and her family with the help of YouTube. From a kitchen renovation — completed within a month — to building a pavilion in their backyard, they've worked to craft their dream home. While the ground floor is still a work in progress, her vision and wishlist for the space are set in stone. It already includes sought-after Lifely pieces such as the Lucia TV Unit, Jillian Console Table, and the Perri or Arch Mirror to complete her vision.

For interior lovers alike, choosing a favourite room is like choosing a favourite child. Impossible. But if Christine had to make a call, the kitchen and breakfast nook hold a special place in Christine's heart. It goes to show the impact a well-planned renovation can have without breaking the bank.

When designing her new home, Christine decided to evolve from her signature coastal style. Instead, she married Mediterranean aesthetics with a vintage flair. As a result, her spaces feel neutral and calming, with splashes of colour to add character. While Mediterranean style isn't rare in today's interior designs, Christine's unique touch is unmistakable. Her use of colour, combined with an appreciation for curves and arches, gives her home an unmistakable charm.

Like many DIY-ers, inspiration first strikes while browsing Pinterest. For Christine, it was no different. Even with experience under her belt, it’s still her main resource for creativity. Additionally, she also uses it to curate her ideas for each room. She also develops her visions from Instagram’s abundant community.

For like-minded creatives renovating or curating their homes, Christine's advice is simple. Select a style that resonates with your soul and fosters relaxation. It's about creating a space that brings you joy, even if it means bending or breaking the rules to make it yours. Keen to see the rest of her renovating unfold? Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram.