Pinterest Predicts 2022: Hot Takes for Your Home

Pinterest Predicts 2022: Hot Takes for Your Home

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Being the platform everyone uses for planning, Pinterest has helpful insights and a good handle on trends before they’re trending. By basing their forecasts on Pin activity and growing search terms, their accuracy is second to none. In fact, 80% of their predictions for 2021 came true.

People are in touch with what they want from their residential spaces after two years living hybrid at home. From comforting curves to rage rooms, here are the upcoming trends Pinterest predicts will sweep through your home.


Oh My Goth

Things are looking a little Goth-esque in Pinterest’s crystal ball as more 90s nostalgia becomes mainstream for the next generation. But it’s not limited to your beauty and fashion choices, oh no. Goth’s revival is making its way into your home, with an 85% increase in the search term, “Goth Kitchen Decor”. Ornamental dark elements, including table settings and kitchen appliances, will help you express your moodiest self with a touch of romanticism. Not sure where to start? Head to the Living and opt for our Lorne collection in charcoal for an easy monochrome look.



The world is your oyster – literally. Not only does Pinterest predict this will be a global trend in 2022, but it’s one Australia, in particular, will take to new heights. With a love for earthy decor (we’re talking to you boho and coastal), Aussies will dive straight in for this natural gemstone. Expect to see pearly toned tiles and paint, or for something more accessible, pearl embellishments on photo frames, trays and pillows.


Biophilic Design

After two years of being stuck inside, nature’s calling. We’re graduating from the common house plant to bring the outdoors totally indoors with staircase gardens (+175%) and floral ceilings (+3x). Homes aren’t the only place for green thumbs. Biophilic office designs are also rising in popularity and are easy to do with vertical plant walls. Still, trying to find a home for all the plants you’ve gathered? You can’t go wrong with the open storage in our Sorrento and Muzi collections for easy displaying.


Hellenistic Revival

It’s been a while since Australians have had a European adventure, so it’s no surprise Hellenistic pieces are making their way into our homes to create the illusion we’re on a mini summer stay in Santorini. An easy way to jump onto this trend is through blue, gold and white colour palettes. But if you’ve got your eyes — and heart — on this style, experiment with bolder choices. Think Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper (+180%), Corinthian-like columns (+40%), our Nikko sofa bed in blue or our exotic Sorrento collection, which are sure to make a statement.



Take pampering your pups to the next level with dedicated pet rooms. Sparking from TikTok’s @worldsbestdogdad, who created a mini living room for his three pooches, there’s been a 155% increase for luxury dog room inspiration, while luxury cat rooms have doubled.


Curve Appeal

Ahead of the curve, Pinterest has seen a big rise in all things shapely as far as homes are concerned. Curved sofa living room and curved kitchen island ideas have both tripled in interest since October 2019 thanks to its chameleon-like ability to fit into a variety of dynamic styles, like new art deco and mid-century modern. Keen to bring this trend into your home? Our Phoebe and Sorrento collections have nailed the brief, but we also suggest watching this space, as we’ve got some new curved furniture hitting our store soon.


Emotional Escape Rooms

With every emotion felt throughout 2020 and 2021, it’s no wonder we need a space to release it all. With holiday escapes off the cards, search terms have pivoted to show increased interest in indoor escapes from the comfort of your home. Home massage rooms are the most popular with a 190% increase. But if your idea of decompression is on the other end of the spectrum, then say hey to the concept of rage rooms, which had a 150% increase. While you’ll still need to head to your nearest Bunnings for a sledgehammer (and snag), our plush Buffy sofa bed, Phoebe collection and Jasper sofa for some meditative relaxation.


Limitless Luxe

Speaking of luxury, it’s expected the most understated rooms in your home will get some TLC in 2022 and have a cinderella makeover to become the talking point in your home. Laundries, garages and gaming rooms were in the top five rooms to go from drab to fab. Get them ready, because they want their close up and their own Instagram highlight.


Cheque Yourself

Gingham, but make it modern. Chequers will without a doubt take your world by storm and leave nothing untouched. From rugs to nails to pillows to cakes, anywhere that can be chequed will be chequed. In a time where curved furniture will also make an appearance, it’s nice to know straight edges will still be trending, one way or another.