Trend Talk: Ribbed Furniture

Trend Talk: Ribbed Furniture

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We are always looking for new ways to improve our interiors. However, balancing hip trends and classic styles isn't easy, especially when it comes to investment pieces. But despite the challenge, we have recently fallen in love with new ways to add a little “oomph” to otherwise timeless pieces, all thanks to texture.

Behind this buzzword hide several trends that have taken our homes by storm. We're talking about the softness of boucle upholstery or the exotic appeal of rattan. Texture elevates your home and turns the most classic silhouettes into design statements without adding to the clutter. The latest trend is ribbed – sometimes also referred to as fluted – texture.

Whether in small doses through home décor or more statement-making pieces, ribbed texture can be as bold or subtle as your heart desires. Here are some ways to invite this elegant trend into your home.


What is ribbed furniture?

Fluted detailing in furniture presents a ribbed or grooved texture as opposed to smooth and sleek surfaces. The attraction to these tactile details is nothing new. In fact, ribbed texture finds its roots in the classic columns of Greek and Roman Antiquity. It has regained interest throughout the centuries as classic furniture fell in and out of fashion. More recently it's reappeared in neoclassic Art Deco furniture from the 1920s and 1970s pop culture. These are two major historical inspirations for today’s design. It should be no surprise that it's come back in style, given Pinterest predicted a Hellenistic revival for 2022.

The aesthetic of ribbed details attracts the eye with its simple geometry. As a result, it befits bold colours as well as more organic and neutral textures, such as natural wood or raw concrete. Thanks to their simple elegance, they fit in modern spaces as well as the intimacy of home.

The versatility of ribbed texture makes it easy to incorporate into a variety of modern settings. From sleek mid-century pads to minimalist Japandi interiors and eclectic Boho adobes, you can't go wrong.


How do I include ribbed furniture in my home?

Ribbed details are a breeze to include in your home thanks to their versatility and subtlety. Depending on your time, dedication, and budget, you can sometimes find ribbed furniture in second-hand or antique stores. Some crafty people even go the DIY route to add fluted detailing to run-of-the-mill furniture. But, you can find ribbed furniture easily that you will keep on appreciating year after year, thanks to the subtle elegance of this trend.

Ribbed furniture in the living room and dining room

With its background, including ribbed texture to your living room can create a more formal feel that elevates the look of the entire room. We have designed a complete collection of ribbed furniture so you can mix and match it with your existing furniture and find the perfect piece for your home. Most of the Tate collection elements are available in a sleek black colour-way for a more graphic touch or a warm oak finish for a more organic look. The ribbed details on each piece are subtle while giving your home a bright and airy feeling. This adds interest without being overpowering.

The Tate collection includes dining room tables in two sizes, a sideboard for added storage, a TV unit, coffee table and side table. More recently we've launched two desks – one of which with adjustable height – that are perfect when your work space is visible to the rest of the home.

If you are not ready to commit to a new piece of furniture, you can invite the ribbed trend into your home with home accessories, such as vases, table lamps, or even glass and tableware.


Ribbed furniture in the bedroom

Ribbed texture creates a calming feeling which is perfect for the bedroom, even in more minimalist interiors. Some homeowners go as far as using ribbed patterns as an accent wall, using wooden strips to create an eye-catching texture. However, undergoing such a project can be time-consuming – not to mention that your landlord may want a say about it.

Instead, you can opt for more subtle touches, such as creating more storage with the Tate sideboard or adopting our elegant Terri bed frame instead. Featuring an organic ribbed pattern coupled with a sleek, breezy white surface, the headboard is understated yet eye-catching, associating seamlessly with any colour scheme. Besides, we added two extra spacious drawers under the bed to help the clutter disappear while creating the illusion of an even bigger room.