What's Your Interior Design Style?

What's Your Interior Design Style?

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Finding an interior design style that’s true to you can be hard. Especially since your surroundings are highly indicative of what type of personality you have. Detail-oriented people usually choose classy and austere settings. Meanwhile, extroverts tend to feel the most comfortable in bright, cheerful spaces. Your spaces will always and forever influence you.

Looking to bridge the distance between your personality and your interior design? Here are seven decorating trends to help you define your style:


Hurrah for the Bright and cheerful!

Your wardrobe is a rainbow explosion; your shelves overflow with trinkets brought back from all four corners of the world. You have mastered the art of the organised mess. Although your home – and your life – may seem hectic to the untrained eye, every part of it holds a memory for you. Witty, engaging, and unique, you want your home to reflect your life journey rather than be the bland copy of inspiration.

Your Style is: Boho-Chic Style

There is no roadmap when it comes to boho-chic. This vibrant decorating style is personal and matches the decorator’s tastes and priorities. More is more: embrace your love of colours and textures, including all your favourite pieces. This style is the mark of a free spirit. Use layering and mismatched pieces to transform every object into a conversation piece.

Style your Boho-Chic Home with…

With exotic rattan accents and trendy obround details, the Kona collection is the highlight of any Boho-chic home. Pair it with the Lana bed frame, Lauria coffee table or Hex dining table to turn your home into a unique retreat. Since your home is the to-go crash pad for the wandering souls, include our Lorne collection. It’s stylish as it is practical, making it the perfect spot for endless conversations with friends and then serve as a last-minute bed.


An Independent Spirit with Their Eyes on the Horizon

You never feel more at home than with your toes in the sand and the sun on your face. You despise social affectations and keeping up with the Joneses. Instead, you long for the authenticity of a wild lifestyle, never more than a few minutes from the ocean. Connections with people and things are important to you. You want your home to reflect your constant longing for the salty air of the coast, its open spaces, and raw beauty.

Your Style is: Coastal

Coastal style is all about bringing the great outdoors inside. It features bright whites, nature-inspired colours, and organic home décor. Comfortable, practical, and playful, it never hesitates to twist trends to make them more personal. A coastal furniture theme makes your home feel like a year-round vacation, with friends and family always welcome to catch up.

Style your Coastal Home with…

Simple, minimalist lines and natural wood tones: the Cali bed frame or Coastal pallet bed base is the next best thing if sleeping under the stars is not an option. Crisp white linens – like the ones we used on the Lorne collection – are a natural match. With its neutral white-and-wood tones, the Cuppa collection will keep your home looking airy and organised.


Reaching your Inner Peace

As others go round and round, you turn to introspection. But still water runs deep: you have a rich inner life and rely on the natural world for inspiration and comfort. There is no place in you for pretence and clutter. If something does not bring something to your life, it simply does not belong. In contrast, everything else stands out, leaving you more time for the things – and the people – you love.

Your Style is: Japandi

Japandi is born from the combination of Scandinavian-inspired hygge and Japanese Zen. It embraces a minimalist approach where style and functionality combine. Each object should be practical but also beautiful. With a focus on organic textures, neutral colours, and a minimalist aesthetic, it’s comfortable and soothing.

Style your Japandi Home with…

Keep your bedroom airy with the floating Nook bed base and bedside table. Since clutter is a significant hindrance to a Japandi home, bring the Cuppa collection as reinforcements. The pillowy upholstery of the Buffy sofa bed invites you to linger a while. Plus it doubles as a sofa and a cozy guest bed to keep the need for extra furniture to a minimum.


Minimalist, but Appreciate Life’s Comfort

Fresh air and an authentic lifestyle? That’s the kind of life you like to lead. You appreciate people and spaces that carry memories – even if it means they look a little more rundown for it. You have a soft spot for the simple pleasures in life. Like curling up with a good book, a nice cup of coffee, or long conversations with friends. You can’t imagine a better way to spend your Sundays than strolling through farmers’ markets after brunch.

Your Style is: Soft Industrial

Soft industrial style is often described as an industrial interior that you can actually picture yourself living in. Cool architectural details, like exposed brick, open spaces, and exposed ductwork, have their place. But they’re softened with organic textures and cozier pieces, like high-pile rugs and velvet pillows.

Style your Soft Industrial Home with…

The Ethan collection features a sleek slated construction softened by the organic dark timber tones that are the essence of the soft industrial style. If you want to make your open loft a little cozier, then your sofa is an excellent place to start. The elegant grey tones of the Bradley modular sofa fit a minimalist interior while creating a comfortable space to spread out or receive guests. You can also bring in a coastal touch by adopting the crisp linen of the Lorne collection or the raw wood of the Coastal pallet bed base.


Classic and Stylish

You long for days gone by and dream of a life of leisure and luxury on the coast. Your tastes trend towards the classic and the tried-and-true. You firmly believe in investing in quality pieces that never go out of style, whether an art piece, a designer’s little black dress, or a signature scent. Your appreciation for high-end living does not mean you are stuck up. On the contrary, you are just as much at home in a luxury palace as barefoot on the beach.

Your Style is: The Hamptons

The Hampton style draws inspiration from the region better known as the very rich New Yorkers’ summer playground. Old-world elegance and laidback luxury come together. Hamptons décor focuses on subtle nautical accents, classic colour schemes, and preppy patterns. Meanwhile, whitewashed furniture is paired with crisp linens and high-end artworks play with curated vintage finds.

Style your Hampton Home with…

With its crisp white colour and classic lines, the Coco collection embodies the timeless style of the Hampton. Featuring a minimalist design and the soft tones of natural pinewood, our Cali bed proves that luxury and simplicity can go hand in hand.


Longing for Simplicity

“Less is more” is your motto. The world is a complicated place, and you want nothing more than to get away from it all. You often feel overwhelmed and prefer to go back to the essentials and find your balance within your home rather than online. You are a firm believer in Marie Kondo, capsule wardrobes, and anything that can make your life more organised and meaningful.

Your Style is: Minimalist

In a minimalist home, form follows function. Each piece should be functional, without unnecessary ornamentation. The Minimalist style focuses on the beauty of natural materials, using texture to create interest. You will often find clean lines and a reduced neutral palette to keep your home feeling peaceful and breezy. Organisation is paramount as clutter and disorder can destroy the soothing vibe minimalism aims to emulate.

Style your Minimalist Home with…

Our Muzi collection is your best ally to keep your Minimalist home looking airy and organised without being boring. It features soft round lines, a stark white-on-wood colour scheme, plus plenty of storage. Associate it to our Bradley modular sofa to create a unique and comfortable space without adding clutter.


Practical and Forward-Thinking

Your friends appreciate your no-nonsense approach to life. You are the person with a plan, as comfortable in social settings as you are kicking back at home. You’re known for mixing things up and others describe your style as classic with a twist. You are not afraid to reinvent yourself if things are not working out the first time around. After all, your sense of humour and resilience in front of adversity are legendary.

Your Style is: Mid-Century Modern

Designed to combine style and practicality, mid-century modern homes prove that you can make an impact while remaining functional. With tapered legs, wood tones, and a varied palette, the style encompasses diverse designs. From tasteful neutrals, to clean lines and bold florals, this style covers it. Mid-century modern homes are as diverse as their occupants and allow them to express their personal style.

Style your Mid-Century Modern Home with…

The dark walnut wood tones and sleek lines of the Nook bed frame and bedside table are a staple for any mid-century modern bedroom. As are the iconic tapered legs of our Casa bed base. Choose furniture with textural details to create interest without adding clutter. Our Tate and Pam collection ticks this box with its deep textured patterns and iconic silhouettes. For the living room, pair it with our Ashwin Sofa for design (and comfort) that will never go out of style.